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In 2023, the Call of Duty series returns with MW3, a direct sequel to the prior year's game, continuing the high-octane narrative and action that fans have come to expect. This guide delves into the MW3 campaign, offering insights into the story, characters, missions, and the unique narrative experience it provides.

Campaign Overview

The MW3 campaign brings back the notorious villain Makarov, escalating the stakes in this third installment of the reboot trilogy. Players will join forces with Task Force 141 in a series of globe-trotting missions designed to thwart Makarov's nefarious plans. With 14 missions incorporating traditional linear levels and the innovative Open Combat Missions, the campaign promises a blend of strategy, action, and freedom.


  • Open Combat Missions: A new addition to the series, these missions offer players larger levels and multiple ways to achieve objectives, enhancing the sense of agency and tactical flexibility.
  • Direct Sequel: For the first time, we see a direct sequel in consecutive years within the Call of Duty series, hinting at the continuation of the storyline in Modern Warfare 4.

Campaign Rewards

Completing the MW3 campaign not only offers a rich narrative experience but also rewards players with:

  • Unique Operators such as Corso, Pathfinder, Jabber, and Doc.
  • Exclusive Calling Cards and XP Tokens.
  • A special Campaign Completion Emblem and Weapon Blueprint.

Each of the 14 missions provides a specific reward, encouraging thorough exploration and completion of the campaign.

Narrative Deep Dive

The campaign's narrative focuses on Task Force 141's efforts to prevent Makarov from igniting a global conflict. The story spans several days and involves intricate plots, including terrorist attacks meant to incite war between Russia and Urzikstan. Players will navigate through intense combat scenarios, strategic deployments, and dramatic story arcs featuring beloved characters like Price, Soap, Ghost, and Gaz.


The MW3 campaign for 2023 delivers a compelling follow-up to its predecessor, blending intense action, strategic gameplay, and a gripping narrative. Whether you're engaging in Open Combat Missions or following the linear storyline, MW3 offers a diverse and rewarding experience. With the promise of Modern Warfare 4 on the horizon, completing the MW3 campaign is an essential step for fans eager to see how the saga continues.

Strategies for Success

  • Embrace the flexibility of Open Combat Missions to find new strategies and approaches.
  • Pay attention to the story to better understand mission objectives and enemy motivations.
  • Utilize rewards from the campaign to enhance your multiplayer experience.

MW3's campaign is not just a prelude to multiplayer but a fully-fledged adventure that enriches the game's world and sets the stage for future developments in the series.

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