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Overwatch League Summer Showdown 2022 Breakdown: Teams, Schedule, and Format

Legion Bulletin

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From Dot Esports:

The Overwatch League is waving goodbye to fun in the sun with the season’s third tournament, the Summer Showdown. While East Region teams are still stuck playing online, West Region teams will be traveling to the Great North for this year’s second LAN event, held in Toronto, Canada. With a few familiar faces missing from the bracket, the tournament is wide open for all the teams heading across the border.  Every tournament is important, but the Summer Showdown holds more weight considering the impending reality of postseason math. This will be the last full tournament of the 2022 season. Though the next cycle is the Countdown Cup, those qualifier matches will act as a setup to the playoffs rather than as a standalone bracket.  This means that teams have to fight harder than they ever have before to get into the top echelon of each region. With League Points and possible postseason success on the line, the Summer Showdown is guaranteed to be as cutthroat as it is entertaining.  Tournament format  Like the Kickoff Clash tournament held in June, the Summer Showdown consists of two entirely separate, regional double-elimination brackets. In a double-elimination bracket, teams are allowed one loss, which drops them into the lower bracket, before they’re fully eliminated from the tournament.  Matches will look a lot like they have in the Summer Showdown qualifiers, with the tournament running on the same Overwatch League-specific patch of Overwatch 2 and with the same map pool. The only difference comes in the selection of maps and, for some matches, the number of wins required to take the trophy.  For each series, the higher seed will select the first map. After that, the losing team selects the next map in the series, giving them a slight advantage if they play their cards right. All matches will be the usual Overwatch League first-to-three setup, but the grand finals on Sept. 11 in each region will be a first-to-four series.  The Summer Showdown champion in the West Region will take home $75,000 and, possibly more importantly, a whopping three League Points. With the postseason quickly approaching, these League Points can affect qualification and seeding heading into the playoffs. The East Region’s champion will earn $50,000 and three League Points. The full prize pool can be found on the tournament’s home page.  Participating teams  East Region  Though they’ve had a rougher season than they intended, the Shanghai Dragons are finally resembling their 2021 championship-winning form. As the first seed in the East Region with a flawless 6-0 record in qualifiers, they’re looking to get that glory back. They’ve opted to face the Guangzhou Charge, who are heading into the tournament with a 4-2 record, in the first round.  On the other end of the bracket is the Seoul Dynasty, who won the Kickoff Clash back in June and will be looking to add ano...

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