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Destined for Success: G2 Become First Team to Record 10-0 in ESL Pro League Group Stage

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From Dot Esports:

G2 Esports’ new CS:GO roster is playing only its second event at ESL Pro League season 16, but it has already managed to break records. The international squad became the first team in ESL Pro League’s history to pull off an unbeaten run through the group stage, not losing a single map in five best-of-three series since this format of the competition was introduced with season 13 in March 2021. G2’s group was all but easy since NiKo and his teammates got paired with Outsiders, BIG, MIBR, FTW, and FaZe Clan. A lot of G2’s matches were toe-to-toe, with three maps having to go to overtime. HooXi and his men went to additional rounds in both maps against BIG, and also when they were playing Outsiders on Ancient. Nevertheless, a 10-0 record in groups is no easy feat. The other team that were just one map short of achieving this record were Natus Vincere in season 15, who also went 5-0 in the series but lost one map (Nuke 16-14) to Astralis in the group stage. With first place in Group B, G2 have qualified straight for the quarterfinals. Two other teams who made it out of Group B were FaZe and Outsiders, who won four and three series, respectively. G2 fans will have to wait a little longer to see their team return to action since the playoffs don’t start until Sept. 27. Until then, two other groups of ESL Pro League season 16 will be played, which are scheduled for the next two weeks.

Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
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