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Will Warzone 2 be free-to-play?

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Call of Duty fans are wondering if Warzone 2 will be free-to-play like its predecessor, or whether players will have to make a purchase to access the battle royale.

Warzone players are excited at the prospect of Warzone 2, a spiritual successor to the Call of Duty battle royale that is set to release soon after the much anticipated Modern Warfare 2.

We know a great deal about Warzone 2 from its new Al Mazrah map to details about the juicy DMZ mode that will tie into the game. From new circle mechanics to the rumored Resurgence map being lined up for 2023, there’s a ton of new stuff to look forward to in Warzone 2.

With that being said, some are also wondering if it will follow a similar format to Warzone and be free-to-play.

Will Warzone 2 be free-to-play?

Activision did confirm that Warzone 2.0 will once again be free-to-play for all players and will require no money to actually play the game.

Just like the original, Warzone 2 is a live service game with an optional paid premium battle pass system in which players receive rewards throughout the season.

There are the usual options for players to spend their money on cosmetics and, just like Warzone, players will not be forced to purchase anything.

Players will likely be able to enjoy Warzone 2 completely free of charge, and can still redeem rewards through free tiers of the Battle Pass.

Will Warzone 2 require PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live?

playstation xbox logos

Warzone 2 is available to play on console without a PS Plus and Xbox Live membership.

Simply meaning that all players, regardless of online membership, will be able to play and enjoy Warzone 2 online at no expense.

This makes sense considering those on PC will not have to purchase a membership to play, making it fair for all platforms.

Activision are happy to be inclusive and understandably want as many players playing Warzone 2 as possible.

If you are someone who’s interested in Warzone 2, then have a look at the next rumored Warzone 2 main map, as well as all the latest on Modern Warfare 2 Season 1.

Image Credits: Activision

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