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[Discussion] Call Of Duty League 2021 Season Stage III Major Finals Report #CDL2021

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Day 4 is here, and we had some amazing gameplay to watch today!  London, Dallas, LA Thieves, and Florida have were all sent home in Day 3 and NYSL proved that they are ready to win by sending FaZe to the elimination bracket and securing their spot in the championship round.

Today we have the best of the best going head-to-head for the shot at NYSL in the championship round with Ultra, OpTic, and FaZe all in the running for that chance!  Ultra wants to win two in a row and FaZe is ready to prove that the last Major loss was simply a fluke, but OpTic and of course the Subliners are looking for their own 2021 Major win and currently the Subliners are the team to beat.

Game 1 - Toronto Ultra VS OpTic Chicago

3-2 Ultra

OpTic’s slaying ability has been running wild and this game was no different as the first Hardpoint was nearly turned into a TDM with OpTic dominating every gunfight and going up 1-0 in the series.  S&D would open with Ultra making a stand to show OpTic that they would need to do more than just win gunfights and OpTic answered to make an epic S&D series between the two teams with Ultra’s teamwork taking a remarkably close win after a series of amazing games to make things 1-1!

Control dropped next with OpTic’s slaying ability showing off and ruining the team play of Ultra, but it would not be long until Ultra recovered and turned it into a solid series once again!  Ultra would pull of some kill streaks to make the difference in Control and make it 2-1 in favor of Ultra.  Hardpoint would start the 4th game and OpTic would start to run away with the lead to begin the game with Ultra being unable to rally to prevent OpTic from tying up the series at 2-2

Game 5 was on with Raid S&D and even with Ultra heavily favored, OpTic decided to put them on the defensive with two dominate early wins.  Round 11 had the teams at 5-5 and Ultra used their kill streak with no results but they were not out of it yet as OpTic would go for the bomb plant and during the retake Ultra would wipe the board and win the series 3-2.

Game 2 – Toronto Ultra VS Atlanta FaZe

3-2 Faze

Ultra started this series Hardpoint nearly identical to last series against OpTic and seemed to be getting outgunned in every gun battle and FaZe would start off with a 1-0 lead in the series with a fairly dominate win. Ultra's teamwork and also Cammy would lead them to win the following S&D to tie the series up 1-1 and things were looking very familiar to the last series for Ultra. 

Game 3's Control was nearly a sure win for Ultra with their current 13 win streak in the mode, but FaZe was ready to end a streak today and won 3-0 on Control to go up 2-1 in the series.  Ultra wasn't going down easy as Game 4 would bring Hardpoint out again and we got to witness one of the closest games of Control this year and a mere 15 points would get Ultra the win to continue the series tied up at 2-2!

Game 5 landed us back on S&D and FaZe looked like they were truly seeking revenge for Major 2 and won with a dominate performance for both their team and individual players!  FaZe was on their way to a championship game with a 3-2 win.

Game 3 – Atlanta FaZe VS New York Subliners

5-2 FaZe

Major 3's final would start out with a very solid Hardpoint that showed an epic showdown between two titans was about to go down!  After a very close start and numerous lead changes, NYSL would show off some amazing gun fighting skills and take the win to start out 1-0.  S&D had FaZe come out in Game 2 showing a great start, but NYSL was ready to make a comeback until Simp ruined their plans and FaZe would tie things up at 1-1 on the series.  FaZe didn't need Simp to save them from a loss in Game 3 as Control was in their control from the start and FaZe easily went up 2-1!

Game 4 had NYSL showing many positives and team fight wins that didn't matter much as FaZe won when it counted and came out with a second dominate win in a row to go up 3-1 on the series.  NYSL picked Game 5 to be S&D on Miami and they needed a win here to stay in the series.  The map choice really slowed down FaZe's fast paced play style and it seemed to work, as NYSL would win to get back into the match down 2-3.

The Checkpoint Control that made Game 6 was a defensive battle that was only broke by a single FaZe push to win the last offensive chance due to lives.  It was an epic end to the game to make the series 4-2 in favor of FaZe!  Game 7 would finish things up with an incredible series in Raid S&D by FaZe that reminded us why they have been the team to beat!  At 5-2 FaZe would go on to claim their spot as the winners of Major 3!  Congrats!

Arcitys was named Player of the Stage for Stage III and it was well earned!

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