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    7 Days to Die’s Milestone: How to Join the Version 1.0 Streamer Event

      TL;DR: The developers of 7 Days to Die are gearing up for the release of Version 1.0 (formerly Alpha 22) and are inviting streamers to apply for a pre-release Streamer Weekend event1. The application process requires streamers to have a significant following and to create an announcement video. Participants will receive access to the 1.0 update and can gift Alpha 21 keys to their audience.

    Exciting News for 7 Days to Die Fans: Streamer Weekend Event Announced

    The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as the developers of the popular survival game "7 Days to Die" prepare to launch version 1.0, previously known as Alpha 22. In anticipation of this major update, the developers are collaborating with streamers to showcase the new version to fans worldwide through an exclusive Streamer Weekend event.

    Streamer Participation: How to Get Involved

    Streamers eager to participate in the event must meet certain criteria and follow a specific application process. Interested individuals need to have a minimum of 5,000 Twitch followers or YouTube subscribers, with partnered Twitch streamers automatically qualifying. Applications are open to all streamers, both new and returning, and must be submitted through a provided form. Successful applicants will receive an email invitation to join a dedicated Discord server where further announcements and the event password will be shared.


    Event Details and Streamer Benefits

    The Streamer Weekend is set to take place sometime in June, with the exact date yet to be confirmed. Participants will not receive a free copy of the game but will be given access to the 1.0 update for streaming purposes. Additionally, selected streamers will have the opportunity to distribute promotional Steam keys for the current game version to their audience during the event.

    Community Engagement and Future Plans

    The event aims to generate excitement and gather feedback from the community before the public release of the 1.0 Experimental build. The developers emphasize the importance of streamers in the gaming industry and the role they play in promoting new updates. Fans of the game are encouraged to support their favorite streamers and engage with the content to help fine-tune the final release.

    Image Credit: Fun Pimps

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