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    Destiny 2 Shakes Up Its Economy: The End of Legendary Shards

      TL;DR: Bungie has announced that it will phase out Legendary Shards from Destiny 2 starting next season, with a complete removal planned for the next expansion, "The Final Shape." This move aims to simplify the game's currency system but comes with a set of changes to loot pools and the game economy that has players divided. The company stresses that the change is meant to make the game more approachable and fair for all players.

    In a recent blog post that has left the Destiny 2 community buzzing, Bungie announced that Legendary Shards—a key in-game currency—will be eliminated in the upcoming "The Final Shape" expansion. Citing issues ranging from significant wealth disparity among players to exploitation of in-game loopholes, Bungie argues that this move will streamline the game's overall economic system.

    After six years in circulation, the announcement comes as a shock to many. Legendary Shards have long been an integral part of Destiny 2’s economy, allowing players to purchase a variety of items and upgrades. However, Bungie notes that the currency has led to more complications than solutions. “We've seen considerable disparities in Shard wealth and various exploits that players have used to farm this currency. We believe its removal will make the game fairer and simpler,” said the developer in its blog post.

    Gradual Implementation and Community Reactions

    Bungie is taking a phased approach to this seismic shift. Starting next season, Season 23, several items and rituals will no longer require Legendary Shards, transitioning instead to Glimmer and engrams. Players will soon find that focusing on ritual engrams will no longer demand Legendary Shards, but rather an increased number of engrams. Bungie’s decision has already garnered a mixed response, with some players concerned about the steep increase in engram requirements.

    As part of the phased-out approach, the developer revealed that certain sources of Legendary Shards will be entirely eliminated come the "The Final Shape" expansion in 2024. This includes Collections, Trials Passages, rituals, and vendor purchases among other things. 

    The Fate of the Glimmer Economy and Other Changes

    While Legendary Shards are going away, Glimmer—the game's primary currency—remains. Bungie has not indicated any plans to adjust the Glimmer cap, leading to concerns about its inflated presence in the game’s economy. 

    Bungie also made it clear that there will be no currency exchange for stockpiled Legendary Shards. "The focus is on making Destiny 2 more approachable for all players. We will not be increasing Glimmer costs for items that previously required Legendary Shards," stated the developer. 

    To accommodate the absence of Legendary Shards, the game is undergoing several other changes. For example, rewards for dismantling gear are being revised to provide more Glimmer and Enhancement Cores. The Exotic merchant Xur will also see changes, though details remain under wraps.

    While the jury is still out on whether this will prove to be a revolutionary step or the next in a line of Destiny 2's economic debacles, one thing is certain: the Destiny 2 economy is about to undergo a transformation, for better or worse.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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