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    Elevate Your Cloud Gaming: GeForce NOW's New Update Adds Xbox Games

      TL;DR: NVIDIA GeForce NOW enhances its cloud gaming service by offering a limited-time bundle with PC Game Pass, providing subscribers with a rich selection of games. The latest GeForce NOW update introduces Xbox Game Sync, allowing easier access and organization of games, including titles from PC Game Pass. Additionally, the service expands its library with 18 new games and offers exclusive in-game rewards for Guild Wars 2, continually updating its offerings for an optimal gaming experience.

    Navigating a vast gaming library just got easier with the latest GeForce NOW app update. The update introduces a much-anticipated feature: Xbox Game Sync. This allows members to link their Xbox accounts with GeForce NOW, seamlessly integrating their owned games into the GeForce NOW streaming library. The sync also extends to PC Game Pass titles, making it an ideal complement for subscribers of the GeForce NOW Ultimate bundle. Alongside this, the update enhances the experience for Ubisoft+ subscribers. By linking their Ubisoft+ accounts, members can launch supported Ubisoft+ titles directly from the GeForce NOW app, automatically populating their library with familiar favorites. The latest app version, 2.0.58, also expands its game session diagnostic tools, offering codec information and stream quality metrics to ensure optimal gaming sessions. These enhancements collectively enrich the cloud gaming experience, bringing ease and efficiency to game management and selection.

    Exclusive Membership Bundle: GeForce NOW Meets PC Game Pass

    In a thrilling development for gamers, NVIDIA has unveiled a unique offer that combines the best of cloud gaming with the extensive library of PC Game Pass. For a limited period, every six-month subscription to GeForce NOW's Ultimate membership will include an additional three months of PC Game Pass at no extra cost. This exclusive bundle, valued at $30, opens up a world of high-quality Xbox PC titles, playable on powerful GeForce RTX 4080 cloud rigs. Gamers can dive into beloved series like Age of Empires, DOOM, and Forza, experiencing them at stunning resolutions of up to 4K and frame rates up to 240 fps, thanks to NVIDIA Reflex technology. This limited-time offer promises to redefine the cloud gaming landscape, delivering unprecedented performance and variety.

    Weekly Game Additions and Exclusive Rewards

    GeForce NOW continues to expand its already extensive game library with the addition of 18 new titles this week, ensuring that members have a steady stream of fresh content to explore. Alongside this expansive game catalog, GeForce NOW is also offering an exclusive reward for Guild Wars 2, available only to its members. This special treat adds another layer of excitement and exclusivity to the GeForce NOW experience, promising unique in-game benefits for loyal gamers. With these continuous updates and perks, GeForce NOW solidifies its position as a dynamic and ever-evolving cloud gaming service, catering to the diverse preferences and interests of its global gaming community.

    Image Credit: NVIDIA

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