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    From Desktop to Handheld: Xbox's Ambitious Strategy for Windows Gaming

      TL;DR: Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, has acknowledged the performance issues faced by Windows on handheld gaming PCs such as the Asus ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go. In a recent discussion, he highlighted the operating system's shortcomings when used with controller inputs and on smaller screens. Spencer revealed that Microsoft's platform team is actively collaborating with Windows to refine and optimize the OS for a better gaming experience on handheld devices. While there's speculation about Xbox developing its own handheld, official plans are not yet disclosed. However, Microsoft's commitment to improving Windows for handheld gaming suggests a strategic move to enhance gaming experiences across various platforms.

    Identifying Windows Weaknesses

    Xbox chief Phil Spencer has openly recognized the challenges Windows faces operating on handheld gaming devices. In discussions with The Verge, Spencer pinpointed the operating system's compatibility with smaller screens and controller-based inputs as a significant concern for users of devices like the Asus ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go. 

    Commitment to Improvement

    Spencer's acknowledgment comes amid growing interest in handheld gaming PCs, a market that has seen notable entries like Valve's Steam Deck. Microsoft, he revealed, is actively working to refine Windows for better usability on such platforms. "We're working with Windows to ensure the experience on handheld gaming PCs is significantly improved," Spencer said, referencing the need for a more tailored interface and functionality that aligns with the unique demands of portable gaming.

    Future Plans and Speculations

    Although there's been speculation about Xbox entering the handheld gaming market, official plans remain unannounced. However, Microsoft's efforts to adapt Windows for handheld gaming, including testing a "compact mode" for the Xbox app on Windows 11, suggest a strong interest in enhancing gaming experiences across all types of devices. Spencer's comments hint at an ambitious vision for Xbox hardware advancements, promising significant technological leaps in upcoming generations.

    In summary, while Xbox's plans for a handheld device are still under wraps, Spencer's commitment to improving Windows on current handheld gaming PCs signals a broader strategy to adapt and evolve with the gaming industry's shifting landscapes.

    Image Credit: Asus

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