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    Gear Up Guardians: Destiny 2 Introduces Artifice Armor to PvP

      TL;DR: Destiny 2's competitive scene receives a major overhaul, introducing significant rewards enhancements, the addition of Artifice Armor in Competitive Crucible, and updates to game modes for a rejuvenated PvP experience. Players can now enjoy richer end-of-match rewards, including the coveted high-stat Artifice Armor, making PvP as rewarding as PvE. Additionally, new game mode adjustments and the introduction of the Passage of Persistence in Trials aim to balance the effort versus reward, ensuring players of all levels have a fighting chance at high-level rewards. These updates signify Bungie's commitment to offering an engaging and rewarding competitive landscape for its player base.

    Elevating PvP Rewards to Match PvE

    The game developers are determined to make the Crucible as rewarding as PvE activities. Recent updates have already improved the end-of-match rewards significantly, offering players more Glimmer, a better chance at Enhancement Cores, and Crucible Engrams. Additionally, PvP players can now enjoy double rewards boosters and weapon focusing, further aligning the rewards with those found in strike activities.

    Introducing Artifice Armor to Competitive Crucible

    A major highlight of the updates is the introduction of Artifice Armor to Competitive Crucible, marking the first time high-stat armor is available through PvP. This armor, which includes pieces for Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks, can be earned through a new tier in the Competitive Division weekly challenge. Once players complete this challenge, they have a chance to earn Artifice Armor pieces on subsequent victories, giving Year-1 Crucible gear a significant boost and providing PvP players an endgame reward pathway that parallels PvE offerings.

    Game Mode Innovations and Updates

    The game is not just stopping at rewards; it's also enhancing its game modes. Competitive modes are being reevaluated to ensure they offer a true test of skill and mastery. The introduction of a new king of the hill mode called Collision and updates to existing modes like Sparrow Control and 3v3 Clash aim to refresh the PvP experience. Furthermore, the introduction of the Passage of Persistence in Trials seeks to balance the effort and reward for achieving Flawless victories, alongside improvements to the reward system for Trials participants.

     Trials and Competitive Changes

    The Trials of Osiris is also seeing adjustments, with the introduction of Flawed card rewards and updates to the Passage of Ferocity to make the journey to Flawless more forgiving. Additionally, the Competitive scene will benefit from an increased drop chance for Exotic weapon catalysts and the strategic addition of Artifice Armor as a reward for high-level play.

    Looking Ahead

    With these updates, Destiny 2 aims to revitalize its competitive landscape, offering players more reasons to engage in PvP activities. The introduction of Artifice Armor, along with the adjustments to game modes and the reward system, demonstrates Bungie's commitment to providing a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all players, regardless of their preferred playstyle. As the game continues to evolve, these updates mark a significant step towards a more inclusive and rewarding competitive scene.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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