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    Get Ready for Thrills: Tribes 3 Rivals Sets Early Access Date

      TL;DR: Tribes 3 Rivals, developed by Prophecy Games, revives the legendary FPS series with high-speed gameplay and innovative mechanics like jetpack flight and 'skiing'. Set to outpace major titles in the genre, it promises an action-packed experience with a competitive 7v7 mode, a casual 16v16 format, and more. Scheduled for a Steam Early Access launch on March 12, the game has already garnered positive reception, marking a new era for multiplayer FPS games on PC.

    Reviving a Legend

    After a hiatus of eight years following the final update to Tribes Ascend, Tribes 3 Rivals is making a grand return to the PC gaming scene. Developed by Prophecy Games, this title has already garnered a positive reception, notably becoming the most played FPS game during the recent Steam Next Fest. With an official early access launch date now set, Tribes 3 Rivals is expected to outpace major titles like Call of Duty, Halo, and Counter-Strike 2, bringing back the unique, high-speed gameplay that has long been absent from the multiplayer FPS domain.

    Innovative Gameplay Mechanics

    Tribes 3: Rivals remains true to the franchise's roots, offering a gameplay experience that blends jetpack flight with the innovative 'skiing' mechanic. This combination allows players to glide across the game's vast open-world maps with ease, building up incredible speeds that transform the classic capture-the-flag format into something uniquely thrilling. With options to choose from light, medium, and heavy class types, players can tailor their gameplay to either maximize mobility or arm themselves with heavier weapons for more firepower. The game's focus on aerial maneuverability and precision makes achieving a 'blue plate special' — a mid-air kill on a moving target — an exhilarating achievement.

    What to Expect at Launch

    Tribes 3: Rivals, shaped with input from the Tribes community, promises to honor the legacy of the series while introducing new elements to keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. At launch, players can expect a competitive 7v7 mode, a more casual 16v16 format, additional modes such as time trials, tutorials, shooting ranges, and custom lobbies to fine-tune their skills. Prophecy Games, emerging from former Tribes developer Hi-Rez, is set on making Tribes 3: Rivals a staple in the gaming charts, following the success of titles like Palworld, Helldivers 2, and Last Epoch.

    Mark Your Calendars

    Set for release on Tuesday, March 12, via Steam Early Access, Tribes 3: Rivals will be available at a launch discount of $17.99, down from the standard price of $19.99. For those eager to get an early taste of the action, a limited-time playtest is currently available, offering a sneak peek into the game's fast-paced dynamics. As the release date approaches, fans of competitive multiplayer games and fast-paced action have much to look forward to with the revival of this legendary title.

    Whether you're a veteran of the Tribes series or a newcomer seeking the thrill of high-speed competition, Tribes 3: Rivals promises an unmatched experience in the FPS genre. Keep an eye out for further updates as this anticipated title prepares to take the gaming world by storm.

    Image Credit: Prophecy Games

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