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    Modern Warfare 3 Simplifies Gunsmith: Weapon Tuning Removed

      TL;DR: "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3" is simplifying its customization options by removing the Weapon Tuning feature to provide a more user-friendly Gunsmith experience. The decision was made following community feedback and aims to streamline the modification process for weapons. The removal will also affect "Modern Warfare 2" and "Warzone," though details on these changes are yet to be clarified. Meanwhile, early access to MW3’s campaign has received criticism for its short duration and underwhelming story.

    In an unexpected twist for fans of the franchise, Sledgehammer Games has declared that "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3" will forego the Weapon Tuning feature. This decision, influenced by player input, is part of a broader initiative to streamline the Gunsmith experience, facilitating easier navigation and use for gamers.

    Streamlining the Armory: The Removal of Weapon Tuning

    Introduced in the previous installment, Weapon Tuning offered a granular level of customization for weapon attachments, empowering players to fine-tune their arsenals to precise specifications. This detailed adjustment option is being set aside to simplify the modification process. The announcement, part of a broader communication on future enhancements, indicates a shift towards providing players with a more accessible and less complex Gunsmith interface.

    Impacts Beyond Modern Warfare 3

    The implications of this change extend beyond the upcoming release. Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone, which both currently support Weapon Tuning, may see modifications to their existing systems, though specifics on how already customized weapons will be affected remain unclear. In providing a sneak peek at what's to come, the developers have highlighted an improved weapon filtering system and a more user-friendly statistical presentation to be part of Modern Warfare 3's revamped Gunsmith.

    Community Reaction and Campaign Controversies

    The game's launch is set for November 10, but early access to the campaign has already sparked discussion among the community. Criticisms have emerged regarding the campaign's duration, which reportedly spans only three to five hours—a duration consistent with the franchise's historical standards yet leaving some players wanting more due to lackluster "open combat" missions. 

    The full impact of the absence of Weapon Tuning will only become evident post-launch. For now, anticipation and speculation abound as the Call of Duty community awaits the release of Modern Warfare 3, hopeful yet cautious about the direction of the beloved series.

    Image Credit: Activision

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