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    New Eden On Foot: CCP Games Upcoming FPS Module, EVE Vanguard

      TL;DR: EVE Vanguard, the latest module from CCP Games for EVE Online, is set to offer players a first-person shooter (FPS) experience within the expansive EVE universe. Representing a revitalized attempt after the discontinuation of Dust 514, Vanguard allows players to experience ground combat and exploration, interconnected with the primary space-faring gameplay. Using Unreal Engine 5, it offers high-tech, high-concept gameplay where players, as Infomorphs, can engage in intense ground combat and strategic loot extractions. Although initially offering limited interactivity with the main EVE Online gameplay, plans are in place to allow more integrated and substantial interactions between space-faring and ground-combat players in future updates. The first playtest, featuring a vast, meticulously designed map, is scheduled for December.

    In the sprawling celestial universe of EVE Online, New Eden holds over 7000 star systems, each a beacon of potential adventures. These star systems have only been explored through the colossal canopies of space stations and nimble starships. However, EVE Vanguard, the latest venture from CCP Games, aims to breathe life into this intricate cosmos by allowing players to explore it on foot, offering a revitalized approach to a First-Person Shooter (FPS) set in the EVE universe.

    A Fresh Take on Ground Combat

    EVE Vanguard is not the first time CCP has delved into FPS within the EVE universe. Their prior venture, Dust 514, provided an on-foot combat experience from 2013 to 2016 before its inevitable shutdown due to dwindling player engagement. Unlike Dust 514, which existed as a standalone game, Vanguard emerges as a seamless module within EVE Online, enabling players to engage in ground combat without detaching from the broader EVE experience.

    EVE Vanguard, built in Unreal Engine 5, promises a ground and space sci-fi journey that intertwines to offer a comprehensive in-universe experience. Players step into the roles of Infomorphs, utilizing cloning technology to delve into specialized war clones called Vanguards for on-ground expeditions and combat.

    High-Stakes Extraction and Collaboration

    Vanguard's gameplay is closely intertwined with the extraction shooter genre, allowing players to engage in both NPC and player-driven combat to secure valuable loot. Players will need to strategically navigate their extraction points to avoid becoming targets for potential loot hijackers, emphasizing the importance of strategic team coordination in this dog-eat-dog universe. However, the environment encourages making temporary alliances, leaving room for potential betrayals and added layers of strategic planning.

    Bridging Spaces: Vanguard’s Connection to EVE

    While Vanguard operates as a standalone experience, its integration with EVE Online is evident from the onset. However, CCP plans to intensify this connection in future iterations, enabling Vanguard players to engage more extensively with the spaceborne ecosystem of EVE, including undertaking contract jobs from capsuleers and participating in planetside industries.

    The dynamic nature of the game offers extensive playtest opportunities, including salvaging operations tied to actual player battles within the universe. The developers aim to leverage controlled randomness to diversify the combat arenas across the numerous planets of New Eden.

    Anticipating the First Strike Playtest

    EVE Vanguard is slated to commence its First Strike playtest in December, offering a singular, expansive map for players to explore. This marks a pivotal moment in CCP's journey to amalgamate FPS gameplay with the richness of the EVE universe, presenting a self-sufficient career for Vanguard enthusiasts while ensuring the fluidity of integration with the overarching EVE Online realm.

    With EVE Vanguard, CCP Games is redefining the possibilities within the EVE universe, offering a more immersive and interconnected experience for fans of both FPS and space exploration genres. This ambitious module is poised to enhance the EVE Online experience, enabling players to experience the vast expanse of New Eden from a fresh and exhilarating perspective.

    Image Credit: CCP Games

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