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    Preparing for The Final Shape: Destiny 2's Strategic Ability Overhaul

      TL;DR: Bungie is rolling out a significant Destiny 2 update this March, introducing a series of ability changes ahead of The Final Shape's June release. The update aims to balance overperforming abilities, notably the Threaded Specter, and adjust various subclass abilities. Highlights include modifications to Strand's Threaded Specter and Threadlings, significant buffs to Solar subclass abilities, and essential fixes to ensure a more balanced gameplay experience in both PvP and PvE settings.

    Refining the Sandbox for The Final Shape

    Bungie is gearing up for a substantial update to Destiny 2 this March, setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of The Final Shape in June. This update aims to address the balance within the game's sandbox by tweaking certain abilities that have shown to be too powerful, particularly the Threaded Specter, and adjusting various subclass abilities to maintain a balanced gameplay experience.

    Recent Fixes and Anticipated Changes

    The latest patch, released on February 14, addressed a significant issue with the Stormcaller Warlock's Ball Lightning melee ability. Prior to this fix, Warlocks were unable to deploy Ball Lightning following a slide cancel, leaving them vulnerable. Additionally, the update made it possible for players to retrieve the Chivalric Fire legendary sword from the Collections menu, with a masterworked version set to become available following the release of update 7.3.5. This upcoming update promises a comprehensive list of ability modifications for players to look forward to.

    Substantial Ability Adjustments on the Horizon

    Update 7.3.5, slated for March 5, introduces a series of notable changes, particularly to Strand's Threaded Specter and Threadlings, along with significant enhancements to Solar subclass abilities. Bungie's "This Week at Destiny" post sheds light on the intention to reduce the effectiveness of the Threading Specter Strand Aspect in the Crucible by aligning its class ability regeneration penalty with that of Ensnaring Slam. Furthermore, the update aims to balance the playing field by adjusting the damage output of Threadlings in PvP and enhancing the aim assist and tracking capabilities of Arcane Needle.

    Focusing on Solar Abilities and Future Improvements

    The update will also rectify issues with Solar abilities, ensuring the correct maximum duration for Restoration and Radiant buffs and refining their application in combat scenarios. Adjustments to Ember of Mercy, Solace, and Empyrean effects are expected to enhance the gameplay experience for players utilizing Solar subclasses. Moreover, Sunbreaker Titans can anticipate improvements to the Consecration ability, enhancing its effectiveness in combat.

    Key Ability Changes in Update 7.3.5

    • Ensnaring Slam and Threaded Specter: Adjustments to class ability regeneration penalties and an increase in Threaded Specter detonation damage against PvE combatants.
    • Threadlings: Modifications to base damage, aim assist improvements, and damage reductions for PvP activities.
    • Arcane Needle: Enhancements to aim assist and tracking capabilities to support Strand subclasses.
    • Solar Abilities: Fixes and extensions to Restoration and Radiant buffs, along with specific adjustments to Ember of Mercy, Solace, and Empyrean effects.
    • Gunpowder Gamble: Reduction in self-damage to mitigate the risk of accidental player deaths.

    This update underscores Bungie's commitment to maintaining a balanced and engaging gameplay experience in Destiny 2 as the community eagerly anticipates the arrival of The Final Shape.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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