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    The Final Shape: Destiny 2's Epic Encounter with the Dread

      TL;DR: Destiny 2: The Final Shape unveils the Dread, a new enemy race, marking a historic moment for the franchise. With unique abilities and formidable adversaries, Guardians must confront these new threats and adapt to the evolving battlefield. Get ready for an exhilarating gameplay experience unlike any other in Destiny's history.

    A New Era Dawns: Introducing The Dread

    After months of anticipation, Bungie has lifted the veil on Destiny 2: The Final Shape, unveiling a groundbreaking addition to the franchise: the introduction of a brand-new enemy race. While previous expansions introduced various enemy factions such as the Cabal, Taken, or Scorn, The Final Shape marks a historic moment as Destiny welcomes its first entirely new enemy race since its inception in 2014. Enter the Dread.

    Meet The Dread: The Witness's Forces

    Referred to as The Witness's forces, the Dread were first teased in Lightfall, offering a glimpse of what was to come with the introduction of the Tormentor enemy. Now, players will encounter a diverse array of Dread adversaries, each with its own distinct abilities and characteristics. Among the Dread roster are the Tormentor, Subjugator, Weaver, Attendant, Grim, and Husk, each embodying the essence of The Witness's influence.

    Unveiling the Dread: New Threats Await

    Leading the charge are the Grim, winged adversaries armed with a formidable weapon lovingly dubbed the "Gun Bat" by Bungie. These airborne foes possess the ability to suppress Guardian abilities and hinder movement, presenting a formidable challenge as Destiny's first winged flying enemy. Meanwhile, the Husk emerges as a menacing melee wielding blades and executing acrobatic attacks with ruthless aggression. Beware, for the Husk's demise may summon a Geist enemy, unleashing further chaos upon unsuspecting Guardians.

    Confronting The Dread: The Battlefield Evolves

    The Weaver and Attendant further expand the Dread's arsenal, showcasing new combat techniques reshaped by The Witness's influence. With the power to freeze and manipulate Guardian movement, these formidable adversaries introduce unprecedented challenges and strategic depth to Destiny 2's gameplay experience. As Guardians prepare to face this new threat, the landscape of battle is forever altered by the arrival of The Dread, promising an exhilarating new chapter in Destiny's ongoing saga.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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