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    Ranked Duos, Better Customization, and Easier Challenge Tracking Coming to Halo Infinite This Month

    The next Halo Drop Pod, arriving on August 9, will focus on improving the player experience in several areas. This update will enhance customization options for each player, include QoL improvements, and prepare the ground for even more community-desired features.

    Currently, there are a variety of visors in the game split across the 5 armor cores. If you want to use the shiny gold Noble visor the August Drop Pod will bring it to you. All visors in the game currently and in the future will be compatible with all armor core helmets.

    This update will make it simpler to add more Ranked playlists in the future and Ranked Doubles will be the first one out of the gate two weeks after the Drop Pod is released - along with a CSR reset. In addition, a social Team Doubles playlist will be available on its launch date, doubling the amount of 2v2 action in Halo Infinite.

    There is no visible change just yet, but this Drop Pod also contains a lot of the prerequisites for enabling Region Select. With this feature, players would be able to choose whether to search across all regions (which would be faster) or their local region (which would have better ping times). Regions are still in development, but players may notice some of the groundwork that has been done to get things started.

    Along with these changes, players will now be able to view their active Challenges while on the pause menu during a match thanks to this Drop Pod release. It's worth noting that this screen will not currently display the precise figures for your Challenges (remaining or total).

    Image Credit: 343

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