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    Unveiling Warlord’s Ruin: Destiny 2's Latest Dungeon Adventure

      TL;DR: Bungie has released "Warlord’s Ruin," the latest dungeon in Destiny 2's Lightfall year, offering a new challenge to the Guardians. In this dungeon, players are tasked with infiltrating a hidden fortress to recover the bones of an Ahamkara, a legendary dragon known for granting wishes. Access to this dungeon is available to players with the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition, and others can gain entry through the Lightfall Dungeon Key. Additionally, Destiny 2 has launched the "Season of the Wish," where players engage in weekly story missions with Queen Mara Sov, focusing on a deal with the last Ahamkara, Riven. This season is instrumental in leading up to the major release of "The Final Shape," which is scheduled for June 4, 2024.

    Bungie has unveiled "Warlord’s Ruin," the second dungeon in Destiny 2's Lightfall year, offering Guardians a thrilling new adventure. This dungeon invites players to venture into a hidden fortress filled with dangerous challenges. The primary objective is to recover the bones of an Ahamkara, a mythical wish-granting dragon believed to be extinct. This dungeon promises a blend of intrigue and peril, as players navigate through its complex and mysterious environment.

    Accessing the New Dungeon: Warlord’s Ruin

    "Warlord’s Ruin" is accessible to players who have the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition of Destiny 2, providing them with instant access to this captivating new dungeon. For those who do not have the pass, the Lightfall Dungeon Key is available for purchase, allowing entry into the dungeon. This flexibility ensures that all interested players have the opportunity to explore the depths of Warlord’s Ruin and uncover its secrets.

    Season of the Wish: Unveiling New Story Missions

    In addition to the launch of Warlord’s Ruin, Destiny 2 has also rolled out the "Season of the Wish," which started on November 28. This season includes weekly story missions where Guardians collaborate with Queen Mara Sov. The central narrative revolves around making a deal with Riven, the last Ahamkara, whose Fifteenth Wish is crucial for unlocking a path into the Traveler. This development is a key part of the build-up to "The Final Shape," set to release on June 4, 2024. The Season of the Wish, thus, not only enriches the storyline of Destiny 2 but also sets the stage for the upcoming major events in the game.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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