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    Gulf War Era Comes Alive in Rumored Call of Duty 2024 Weapon Leak

      TL;DR: Rumors about Call of Duty 2024 propose a Gulf War setting, continuing the Black Ops narrative with a focus on CIA operations. A leaked weapon list from a reliable dataminer showcases 55 weapons, suggesting a mix of familiar and new gear for players. With Treyarch's longest development period for this title, anticipation is high for what could be a defining entry in the series. The leak includes iconic weapons and hints at potential Zombies mode content, fueling speculation and excitement for the game's official reveal.

    Emerging Rumors on COD 2024's Setting

    The gaming community is abuzz with the latest rumors surrounding the setting of Call of Duty 2024, speculated to be a journey back to the early 1990s during the Gulf War. This installment aims to continue the revered Black Ops series, focusing on the clandestine operations of the CIA during this pivotal historical moment. Despite the growing anticipation, official confirmation from the Call of Duty franchise remains pending, leaving fans eager for verified news.

    Leaked Weapons List Sparks Excitement

    A recent leak on social media by a known Call of Duty dataminer has unveiled a comprehensive list of weapons allegedly set to debut in the 2024 installment. The list, comprising 55 weapons across various categories, hints at both familiar and novel armaments. From classic choices like the MP5 and AK-74 to the Colt Model 723—a special forces variant from the late '80s and early '90s—the assortment suggests an authentic representation of the era. This leak aligns with the rumored Gulf War backdrop, stirring speculation and excitement among the community.

    Speculations on Gameplay and Development

    Among the leaked arsenal, notable mentions include the Jetgun, a weapon from Black Ops 2's Zombies mode, raising speculation about potential remakes of beloved maps. While the authenticity of the leak remains unverified, the detailed weapon list has fueled fan theories and expectations for the upcoming title. With Treyarch reportedly dedicating an unprecedented amount of development time to Call of Duty 2024, hopes are high for a game that could rival or even surpass the success of iconic entries like Black Ops 2.

    As anticipation builds, the community remains on the lookout for official announcements and confirmations regarding Call of Duty 2024's setting, features, and arsenal. The prospect of revisiting a pivotal era through the lens of the Black Ops series has set expectations soaring for what could be a groundbreaking addition to the Call of Duty legacy.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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