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VALORANT Champions 2022 Will Feature Shiny New Bundle, Event Pass, and More

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From Dot Esports:

To celebrate this year’s VALORANT Champions, Riot Games is offering players a new skin collection, a free event pass, and some exclusive broadcast drops. The new skin collection, which was showcased today in a post from the devs, includes a new Phantom, Butterfly Knife, trophy card, gun buddy, and spray. The skins feature a “custom model effect” that evolves every five kills and a special easter egg. Image via Riot GamesThe Phantom has a custom red muzzle flash in the shape of the VCT spark logo, plays the Champion’s 2022 anthem when inspected, and more. The melee has a gold glowing outline when you have the most kills in the game and evolves every five kills with red crystal shards incrementally filling the blade and maxing out at 25 kills. When players reach 25 kills, the inspection animation “embodies what it means to be a champion,” according to Riot. In a similar fashion to the collection from last year’s event, 50 percent of net proceeds will go to participating teams. That bundle reportedly generated $18.7 million in revenue, meaning roughly $9.36 million was split evenly between all competing teams.  This limited edition bundle will set you back 6,265 VP and will be available to purchase from Aug. 23 to Sept. 21. As well as the bundle, a free event pass will be up for grabs. In total, players will be able to progress through seven levels and earn rewards along the way. This includes the “Jett Diff” spray, the “Gamer” title, the “NICE!” player card, the “Potato” title, the “Champions 2022 Dad Hat” buddy, and two sets of 10 Radianite points. Similar to the bundle, the event pass will be run from Aug. 23 to Sept. 21.   Image via Riot GamesLastly, VALORANT Champions viewers will be able to earn drops from watching the event on YouTube or Twitch. The “Fire” title will be able from Aug. 31 to Sept. 13, the VCT Champions Curse spray from Sept. 16 to 17, and the VCT Champions Hero card on Sept. 18.  Image via Riot GamesTo claim the drops, all players need to do is connect their VALORANT account with their YouTube or Twitch and watch the event.  All in all, 16 teams will face off at VALORANT Champions 2022. The international tournament will take place from Aug. 31 to Sept 18 in Istanbul, Turkey.

Read More: Full Article on Dot Esports
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