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Fortnite Lord of the Rings Easter Egg Teases Tolkien Crossover Coming Soon

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From Charlie INTEL:

Fortnite players have discovered a familiar Lord of the Rings landmark in the Season 3 island, teasing the leaked crossover is coming soon. It’s been a big week for The Lord of the Rings in the gaming space. Not only is Weta Workshop teaming up with Take-Two to develop a new game set in Tolkien’s Middle-earth, but Swedish company Embracer Group are acquiring the rights to everything Lord of the Rings. Just as it’s been reported that the leaked Lord of the Rings content has been cut from MultiVersus, an easter egg discovered in-game teases that Middle-earth characters will be coming to Fortnite. Fortnite content creator ‘Koooooomar’ discovered that the rock-child is building a replica of Helm’s Deep from the Lord of the Rings. This was the ancient fortress the people of Rohan retreated to in The Two Towers for the movie’s major battle. You can find the sculpture southeast of Condo Canyon on the shore. Holy crap, I just realized what the Rock-Child is building on the beach, Helm's Deep from LotR! If @FortniteGame adds a LotR collab, that would be AMAZING!! Probably just an Easter Egg though…#Fortnite #FortniteLeaks #LordOfTheRings pic.twitter.com/3yqCRKFn39 — Koooooomar (@koooooomar) August 18, 2022 There’s almost no denying this sculpture is based on Helm’s Deep, with the ramp leading up to the keep on the right-hand side and the Deeping Wall stretching across the makeshift valley. It even has a gap in the wall and scorch marks where the Uruk-Hai blew through it in the movie and trash makes up the advancing forces. Leakers are convinced a Doomslayer skin will be coming soon thanks to it being free on the Epic Game store, but the same leak claims a Lord of the Rings crossover is also in the works. RUMOR: One(!) of these collabs will be added to the game next week, according to @MidaRado: – Doom – Family Guy – The Lord of the Rings I don't know which collab it's gonna be, but keep in mind that there's currently a Fall Guys X Doom collab, and the game is now free on Epic. pic.twitter.com/lZzYNzWSqQ — Shiina (@ShiinaBR) August 19, 2022 With Amazon’s Lord of the Rings show releasing in September, this could be the perfect time to tie the bundles in with The Rings of Power. We could even see Sauron, Gandalf, or Galadriel in the Season 4 Battle Pass which goes live in late September, but that’s just hopeful speculation. Image Credit: Epic Games / Warner Bros. The post Fortnite Lord of the Rings easter egg teases Tolkien crossover coming soon appeared first on Charlie INTEL.

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