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Resurgence Supreme Mode Coming to Warzone’s Rebirth Island Later in Season 5

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From Charlie INTEL:

The mid-season update for Warzone Pacific Season 5 is bringing the Resurgence Supreme mode to Rebirth Island, and we’ll go over everything we know about this LTM. Rebirth Island continues to be one of the most popular locations to drop into when playing Warzone, and players looking for more intense action could try out the Resurgence Extreme mode whenever it made its way to the active playlist. Now, the Season 5 update is set to bring a ton of changes for Warzone Pacific players to explore, and the developers have confirmed that Rebirth Island will receive the Resurgence Supreme mode later in the season. When the mid-season update goes live, squads of four will be able to jump into the Resurgence Supreme mode which is similar to the Rebirth Resurgence Extreme mode in Warzone. It features squads of four dropping in with the best weapons and with respawning enabled. Players will have the opportunity to earn the best prizes by winning the match with over 15 eliminations. Warzone players enjoyed the Resurgence Extreme mode for the chaotic and fast-paced gameplay opportunities that it provided on Rebirth Island, and Resurgence Supreme is set to bring the same thrills. At the time of writing, the developers haven’t revealed more information about this game mode, such as the maximum number of players that can participate as well as the exact release date of Rebirth Resurgence Supreme. We do know that it will arrive at some point during Season 5 Reloaded, and it’s possible that this game mode will become available right at the start of the mid-season update. It remains to be seen how long it will stay in the Warzone playlist. For more Warzone Pacific content, be sure to check out this popular feature that’s apparently returning in the rumored Modern Warfare 2 DMZ mode as well as this Cold War Assault Rifle that dethrones the Armaguerra as the best mid-range weapon. Image credits: Raven Software The post Resurgence Supreme mode coming to Warzone’s Rebirth Island later in Season 5 appeared first on Charlie INTEL.

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