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CoD Mobile Season 8: Expected Release Date, Leaked Weapons, Upcoming Content

Legion Bulletin

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From Charlie INTEL:

CoD Mobile Season 8 is beginning to be teased as new content will soon make its way to the mobile Call of Duty game. We’ll go over the expected release date and content to arrive in CoD Mobile Season 8. CoD Mobile fans will soon have brand-new seasonal content to dissect as Season 7 comes to a close. Season 7 introduced players to a unique Ghost in the Shell crossover and following its success, expectations for CoD Mobile Season 8 are high. CoD Mobile Season 8 should deliver plenty of new content including weapons, maps, and Operators. In addition, fans are hoping to get their hands on yet another interesting crossover. CoD Mobile Season 8 expected release dateCoD Mobile Season 8 new leaked weaponsExpected content coming to CoD Mobile in Season 8 CoD Mobile Season 8 expected release date While there’s no official start date for CoD Mobile Season 8 as of yet, the CoD Mobile Season 7 Battle Pass comes to an end on September 10. If there are no delays it’s safe to expect the Season 8 release date to be September 10 or 11. The Call of Duty Mobile Twitter account posted a Season 8 teaser that included an image with details hidden in morse code. When deciphered, the teaser hints at major Season 8 information arriving on August 31 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 6 PM BST. CoD Mobile Season 8 new leaked weapons According to leaks, the ZRG 20mm Sniper Rifle is expected to arrive in Season 8 of CoD Mobile. The ZRG 20mm debuted in Black Ops: Cold War and it is currently one of the best Snipers in Warzone Season 5. ZRG 20mm bolt-action sniper rifle is expected to come in Season 8 (2022). #CODMobile pic.twitter.com/9dxumjsPOe — Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News (@PlayCODNews) August 12, 2022 The Sniper could potentially have the same impact on CoD Mobile Season 8 as a fast-firing Sniper with excellent movement speed. Leaks have also indicated that a Butterfly Knife melee weapon could also arrive in Season 8. The Butterfly Knife has appeared in Black Ops III as well as Modern Warfare (2019). The weapon is iconic within the gaming community due to its popularity in the CSGO franchise. It’ll be interesting to see if the Butterfly Knife will also be a popular melee weapon in CoD Mobile if it arrives in Season 8. Expected content coming to CoD Mobile in Season 8 The melee 'Butterfly Knife' is also expected to come in Season 8 (2022). #CODMobile pic.twitter.com/8GWf6tkMPP — Call Of Duty: Mobile Leaks & News (@PlayCODNews) August 14, 2022 While we currently don’t know exactly what is set to arrive with the CoD Mobile Season 8 update, we could use previous seasons to put together our predictions. Season 8 Battle PassNew weapons including Butterfly Knife and ZRG 20mmNew mapNew OperatorsBalancing changes, buffs, and nerfs As soon as more information concerning CoD Mobile Season 8 comes to light, we’ll be sure to provide an update. For more, check out our guide to fixing CoD Mobile’s Loading Timeout error, or our explanation of Class Chips....

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