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Apex Legends Could Be Getting Alien vs Predator Crossover in Season 14

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From Charlie INTEL:

Apex Legends data miners have uncovered new cosmetic items that hint towards the arrival of a crossover event based on the Alien vs Predator series. Respawn Entertainment often introduce new cosmetic items to Apex Legends players through in-game Collection Events, including weapon heirlooms for Legends as well as new character and weapon skins. While the developers haven’t officially revealed what we should expect from the Season 14 Collection Event, Apex Legends leaks suggest that it might bring an Alien vs Predator crossover event. Data miner ‘Kralindo’ claimed that the Season 14 Collection Event will be titled “Hunter Predator” and leaked cosmetic skins for the Legend Gibraltar, the C.A.R SMG, Longbow, Hemlock, and Wingman. Many in the Apex Legends community noticed that these leaked weapon skins and character cosmetics share visual similarities with different elements from both the Alien and Predator franchises. The next collection event’s theme may be a reference to the universe of Alien, Prometheus, and Predator from ApexUncovered The leaked Gilbratar skin resembles the Engineer from the 2012 film Prometheus, which is part of the Alien movie series. The textures on the Car SMG weapon skin look similar to the design of the Xenomorph, including the same green as the creature’s acidic blood. Players also noted that the design of the Longbow epic rarity skin seems to emulate the look of the Predator. Both of these movie monsters have a firm place in film history, and they’ve battled each other in movies, video games, as well as comic books. Now, Respawn Entertainment might be planning to bring a new Alien vs Predator crossover to Apex Legends. However, since this information is based on leaks and speculation, we recommend taking it with a grain of salt until we get an official announcement. For more Apex Legends content, check out our list of the most popular Legends in Season 14 as well as everything that you need to know about how Rank resets work. Image credits: Respawn Entertainment / 20th Century Studios The post Apex Legends could be getting Alien vs Predator crossover in Season 14 appeared first on Charlie INTEL.

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