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The Division Heartland: New Details Go Live a Little Too Early

Legion Bulletin

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From IGN News:

New details about Tom Clancy's The Division Heartland have emerged on an Ubisoft Store listing, revealing more about the free-to-play shooter and its various game modes. Twitter user Unknown1Z1 posted a video of the game listing together with a link to the page for it, which now returns a "404 - Page not found" error. The same information, however, appears on another page on the Ubisoft Store that spotlights several in-game images as well as new details about the different gameplay features and character options available to players. The Division Heartland is now available in the Ubisoft Store listed as "Coming Soon" #thedivisionheartland #thedivision #comingsoon #f2p @TheDivisionGame https://t.co/pydu6vY2mn pic.twitter.com/tuBbNpcdDK — Unknown1Z1 (@Unknown1Z1) September 4, 2022 The game's product description promises "massive PvEvP" 45-player Storm Operations that will see players fight against "a group of dangerous Rogue agents, an aggressive faction known as the Vultures, all while surviving a lethal virus." There will also be "PvE Excursion Operations" for players to gather gear and "prep the battlefield" before heading out into combat. Players will also have the chance to be "one of six agents and select between three classes each match, all with their own perks and skills," but the game's listing doesn't confirm when this will be possible. The Division Heartland is given a very vague "coming soon" tease instead of an actual release date, though that status might change with Ubisoft Forward around the corner. The Division Heartland is described as "a standalone game that doesn’t require previous experience with the series but will provide an all new perspective on the universe in a new setting." The last we heard it was quietly delayed to Ubisoft's fiscal year 2022-23, but more details about the game are expected to be shared at the upcoming Ubisoft Forward showcase. Ubisoft has already confirmed that Assassin's Creed Mirage will be part of the presentation, which is returning in full force with lots of news and updates on various games and projects. The event will take place on September 10 at 12noon Pacific / 3pm Eastern / 8pm UK (or 5am on September 11 AEST), so be sure to stay tuned to IGN for all of the latest announcements and reveals from the event. Adele Ankers-Range is a freelance writer for IGN. Follow her on Twitter.

Read More: Full Article on IGN News
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