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Do you feel networking when it comes to live streams helps growth?

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I started live streaming in October 2017 and it was in October 2022 that I decided to change the course on what I wanted to do as a career. As much as live streaming and creating video game content was fun, it wasn't enough to help pay the bills. 

When I used to live stream though, the biggest piece of advice that would be given was to network. Chat in other chats, get to know others and flat-out network. I did this as have many others but the true reality is I never really saw any true growth from networking and many seemed to do better who would live stream for longer hours and more days. 

Do you feel networking helps growth when it comes to live streams or would you be better off just putting in the days and hours? 

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  • Shortie changed the title to Do you feel networking when it comes to live streams helps growth?

I'd say a balance is needed and streamers need to remember that it is a very crowded market with many looking to take advantage of others.  Although at it's core, networking is always a good habit to follow up with as building relationships and connections are always a benefit down the road.


With that being said, I'd consider it more of a perk as you grow and not directly a reason or resource to get you growing.  Unless you can find a super beneficial network to be in, and that often only comes from real life connections and a bit of luck.

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Definitely, networking is something that's very helpful when it comes to streaming. If you're not getting activities to your streams, it's more or less like a wasted effort. 

I'm yet to get into streaming actively because of lack of time on my schedule but it's something I'm looking forward to in no distant time. 

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