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If you could see a famous person in Apex who would it be?

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In games such as Call of Duty, Dead by Daylight, and also Fortnite, we have seen famous people come to those games in terms of skins or characters in the game. 

This got me thinking about whether anyone would like to see a famous person in a game such as Apex Legends.

If you could see any famous person in Apex Legends, who would you like to see? 


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On 7/4/2023 at 1:18 PM, Heatman said:

It's John Wick that I would have wanted to show up as a big character in Apex Legends but we got someone similar character already in the person of August Ballistic Brinkman. 

John Wick would have been awesome to see in Apex Legends and I feel that could work. We saw a skin for John Wick come to Fortnite and they did a really great job with that and making it look exactly how Keanu Reeves looks in the movies so I know the ability is there. 

Looking at how Apex Legends is, I don't believe that we could see just about anyone in the game but some could definitely work. 

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