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    An All-New Zombies Experience: MW3 Blends Outbreak with DMZ

      TL;DR: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 introduces an open-world Zombies mode combining features from Treyarch’s Outbreak and Infinity Ward’s DMZ. Players will explore Warzone’s new map, team up in squads of up to 24 players, and utilize the powerful Scorcher Wonder Weapon. The mode launches with MW3 on Nov. 10 across all major platforms.

    Gone are the days when Call of Duty's Zombies mode was about hoarding round after round in tight maps. With Modern Warfare III (MW3), the Zombies experience is heading in an innovative direction. Drawing inspiration from Treyarch’s Outbreak and Infinity Ward’s DMZ, MW3 Zombies is set to offer a new world for players to explore and conquer.

    Unleashing the Horde in an Open World

    The revelation indicates that the Zombies mode is a harmonious blend of action-packed gameplay and a compelling narrative. The game's open-world map will double as the new Warzone terrain, accommodating up to 24 players who will collaboratively tackle objectives and challenge the undead. This evolution in gameplay marks a shift from the standard round-based Zombies approach, promising continuous engagement and progression with every match. Depending on preference, players can form squads as large as six or go solo, making each match a unique experience.

    Sneak Peeks and Special Weapons

    Additionally, the unveiling of the 'Tac Map' for the Zombies mode, dubbed 'Operation Deadbolt', serves as a teaser for the upcoming Warzone season. Fans can expect to explore this new terrain right from the Zombies mode's debut. And what's a CoD Zombies mode without its iconic Wonder Weapon? MW3 doesn't disappoint, introducing the 'Scorcher'. This beast of a weapon not only obliterates zombie hordes but also features an alternate fire mode to launch players airborne, helping them dodge imminent threats.

    Await the Zombies Invasion

    Prepare for the undead onslaught as MW3 Zombies makes its grand entry on Nov. 10. The game will be accessible across platforms, including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and Battle.net. With revamped gameplay and a fresh map to explore, MW3's Zombie mode promises to redefine expectations and deliver an unmatched gaming experience.

    Image Credit: Activision

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