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    Back to Basics: Destiny 2's New PvP Mode Eliminates Abilities for Pure Combat

      TL;DR: Destiny 2's PvP community is abuzz as Bungie unveils a new game mode in the Crucible Labs playlist, Checkmate: Hardware, which eliminates player abilities to focus solely on weapon combat. This significant update aims to offer a purer form of competitive play, responding to long-standing community feedback for a more traditional shooter experience. With the mode set to debut in Patch 7.3.6, players are eagerly anticipating how this ability-free gameplay will transform the PvP landscape, promising a fresh and skill-focused challenge.

    In a move that has the Destiny 2 PvP community buzzing with excitement, Bungie has announced a significant twist to its Crucible Labs playlist: a new game mode that strips away the use of abilities, leaving players to rely solely on their weaponry skills. This daring update aims to refresh the player versus player (PvP) experience, drawing both seasoned veterans and newcomers back into the competitive arena.

    A Fresh Take on PvP

    For a long time, Destiny 2's PvP modes have been a battleground for players armed with not just their guns but a wide array of supernatural abilities. This dynamic has defined the game's combat, making it as much about strategic ability use as it is about shooting prowess. However, feedback from the community has highlighted a craving for a more traditional, gunplay-focused experience. Responding to these calls, Bungie's latest update through the Crucible Labs, a testing ground for new gameplay modifications, introduces "Checkmate: Hardware," a mode that promises pure gun-on-gun action.

    Player Enthusiasm and Community Response

    The announcement of the ability-free modifier within the Crucible Labs playlist has been met with widespread approval from the game's community. This modifier, known as "Hardware," levels the playing field by removing abilities, focusing combat purely on the use of primary, special, and heavy weapons obtained from crates around the map. This significant shift has sparked a wave of anticipation, with players expressing their excitement over the prospect of a mode that prioritizes shooting skill above all. The community's reaction has been largely positive, with many players expressing their intent to return to PvP engagement, drawn by the allure of a more straightforward, skill-based combat system.

    What This Means for Destiny 2 PvP

    The introduction of Checkmate: Hardware represents a pivotal moment for Destiny 2's PvP scene. By offering a gameplay experience free from the complexities of abilities, Bungie is not only catering to a segment of its player base looking for a pure test of shooting skill but also shaking up the competitive landscape. This mode could potentially attract players who previously felt alienated by the ability-centric nature of Destiny 2's PvP, offering a new way to engage with the game. As Patch 7.3.6 rolls out, bringing this innovative mode into the fray, the community waits with bated breath to see how it will reshape the PvP experience.

    Bungie's willingness to experiment with the fundamental aspects of Destiny 2's PvP through initiatives like Crucible Labs underscores the developer's commitment to evolving the game in response to player feedback. Checkmate: Hardware is not just a new game mode; it's a testament to the dynamic and responsive relationship between Bungie and the Destiny 2 community, promising fresh challenges and renewed excitement for the game's competitive future.

    Image Credit: Bungie

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