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    Season 22 Will Bring New Life to Destiny 2's Forgotten Exotic Armors

      TL;DR: Bungie is revamping 14 Exotic Armor pieces in Destiny 2's Season 22 to rejuvenate lesser-used items. Key changes include buffs to Foetracer and Geomag Stabilizers for Hunters and Titans, and modifications to Astrocyte Verse and Geomag Stabilizers for Warlocks. All updates will be live on Aug. 22, coinciding with Destiny 2's showcase event unveiling details of the new season and The Final Shape expansion.

    As Bungie gears up for Season 22 of Destiny 2, players can expect to see a slew of transformations for some of their favorite in-game Exotics. Aimed at revitalizing less popular armor pieces, Bungie's planned overhauls are designed to reintroduce these Exotics as competitive options in the gaming arena.

    Revealed through Bungie's latest preview blog, 14 Exotic Armor pieces, such as the Foetracer and Geomag Stabilizers, which currently don't dominate the meta, are lined up for major buffs or reworks. This initiative is driven by Bungie’s mission to "bolster underused exotics," ensuring a wide array of powerful and effective gear for players.

    Highlights of the Overhaul Include:

    • Hunters:
      • Renewal Grasps will see the removal of its increased cooldown for Duskfield Grenades.
      • Foetracer will now grant damage boosts for weapons of the same energy type after damaging an enemy with any subclass ability. 
      • Lucky Raspberry's adjustments will enhance the chaining of Arc Bolt grenades and now comes with the intrinsic ability to stun Overload champions.
    • Titans: 
      • Exotics like Icefall Mantle, Doom Fang Pauldrons, and Path of the Burning Steps will see damage bonus enhancements.
      • Hallowfire Heart's adjustments will enable players to significantly interact more with Sunspots.
    • Warlocks: 
      • Astrocyte Verse's update will mark nearby enemies as Volatile upon the use of the Blink ability. Additionally, the Nova Warp Super will be improved, conserving Super energy during Dark Blink usage.
      • Geomag Stabilizers will allow players to gain more Super energy by picking up Ionic Traces.
      • Winter's Guile will now automatically shatter opponents encased by the Penumbral Blast melee after a brief delay.

    With these changes set to roll out on Aug. 22, players are eagerly anticipating the new season and how these adjustments will shape gameplay. The gaming community is also looking forward to Destiny 2's showcase event on the same day, where Bungie will spill the beans on the forthcoming season and The Final Shape expansion.

    Image Credit: Midjourney

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