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    Destiny 2 Heavy Infantry

    Solar Healing Titan

    Support your team effectively with the Solar Healing Titan build in Destiny 2. This guide presents a well-rounded approach to healing and dealing solar damage, ideal for players who enjoy a supportive role with a strong offensive capability.

    Build Overview

    The Solar Healing Titan can adapt to various combat situations, especially when equipped with specific exotic armor. While it can function without specialized healing gear, exotics like Precious Scars or Phoenix Cradle significantly enhance its healing abilities.

    Subclass and Abilities

    Subclass: Sunbreaker (Titan's Solar Subclass)

    • Class Ability: Rally Barricade (Towering Barricade as an alternative)
    • Movement Ability: Personal Preference
    • Melee Ability: Throwing Hammer (for quick proccing of Ember of Torches)
    • Grenade Ability: Healing Grenade (used for maximal healing; other grenades can also be viable for added DPS)


    • Sol Invictus: Creates Sunspots, providing boosts to the Titan and allies.
    • Second Aspect: Chosen based on personal preference, as it doesn't directly impact this build's core mechanics.


    • Ember of Benevolence: Regenerates all abilities when healing/boosting allies.
    • Ember of Mercy: Provides healing post-revival, synergizing with Precious Scars.
    • Ember of Torches: Grants Radiant to allies via melee ability use.
    • Ember of Searing: Enables Firesprites creation, complementing Ember of Mercy.
    • Ember of Empyrean: Optional, depending on build synergy.

    Exotic Armor Choices

    • Precious Scars: Grants restoration with solar weapon final blows, offering continuous restoration healing and buffs post-revival.
    • Phoenix Cradle: Extends Sunspot benefits to allies, including faster cooldowns and restoration.
    • Crest of Alpha: Useful in PvP, emits a healing pulse when Barricade is activated, but does not use restoration.

    Weapon Choices


    • Solar Weapons: Essential for synergy with Precious Scars.
    • Lumina: Offers additional healing and damage boost, though it doesn't synergize with Precious Scars.

    Stat Priorities

    • Primary Goal: Maximize Resilience for survivability.
    • Secondary Goals: High Recovery and Discipline for increased survivability and grenade regeneration.
    • Consideration: Precious Scars allows for less focus on Recovery, but be cautious in boss fights and PvP.

    Playstyle and Strategy

    • Maintain a position where you can stay alive and provide healing to your team.
    • Be mindful of your positioning to maximize healing effects and avoid unnecessary risks, especially during revives.
    • Balance your role between healing and DPS based on team needs and combat situations.

    Alternatives and Variations

    • Hallowfire Heart: For a grenade-focused build providing more frequent healing.
    • Loreley Splendor Helm: Offers a tankier alternative without significant build changes, but does not offer team healing.


    The Solar Healing Titan is a versatile support build in Destiny 2, excelling in team-based scenarios like 6-player activities. It's crucial to adapt gear and abilities to fit the team's composition and the demands of the encounter, ensuring effective support and cooperation.

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