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    Class Stats
    Offense: 6
    Defense: 2
    Speed: 7
    Objective: 2
    Teamwork: 2
    Solo: 9
    Versatility: 2

    Playstyle: Stealth
    Focus: Guerrilla Fighting & Counters

    Class Description

    Recon are specialized in using reconnaissance and guerrilla tactics to both aid their team with information and demoralize the opposing team.  These players use stealth and short-range firepower to cause chaos among opposing ranks and use their ability to see and track opponents to inform their team of opponent movements.  Gear setups are often focused on stealth with very short-range weapons that excel in destroying and disrupting enemy support players.  Recon players are known for their “dirty” tactics and eliminating players without being noticed.


    Class Equipment - Weapons

    Stealthy and hidden gunfighting that is often focused on gathering intelligence, spotting enemies, and ambushing players from both close and afar requires specialized weapons to achieve these goals. The weapons that a recon player might use would depend on their personal preference and playstyle, as well as the specific game mode and map they are playing on plus the actual goal they are trying to achieve.

    Primary Suggestions

    Submachine Guns (SMGs): SMGs can be a good choice for stealthy, sneaky classes in shooter games because they generally have a high rate of fire, low recoil, and are lightweight and easy to handle. This makes them effective for close-quarters combat, where stealth and speed are important. In addition, SMGs are generally lightweight and easy to handle, making them a good choice for players who like to move quickly and quietly. This is especially useful in Recon classes, where the goal is to stay hidden and avoid drawing attention to yourself.

    Pistols: One of the main advantages of pistols is their lightweight and compact design, which makes them easy to carry and conceal. This is especially useful in stealthy, sneaky classes, where the goal is to stay hidden and avoid drawing attention to yourself. Pistols also have a relatively low rate of fire compared to other types of firearms, such as assault rifles or submachine guns. This can be an advantage in stealthy gameplay, as it allows you to take more precise shots and reduce the chances of being detected.

    Sniper Rifles: These weapons are designed for long-range shooting and are ideal for picking off enemies from a distance. They typically have high damage output and can take out enemies with a single shot, which is a terrifying concept when opposing players cannot find you. Long ranged spotting can also provide massive amounts of information to your team and help coordinate a battle plan.

    Secondary Suggestions

    Ambush-Focused Weapons: An ambush-focused weapon can be a good choice for a recon-based player because it allows them to take out enemies quickly and efficiently, without giving away their position. This can be especially useful in situations where the player is trying to stay hidden and avoid drawing attention to themselves. These weapons will vary between games but can include: shotguns, knives, pistols, and even are-of-effect weapons like grenade launchers.

    Assault Rifles: Many team tactics will have a Recon player acting as recon only when appropriate and being able to fill in as an Infantry or Light Infantry role during the downtime is a great asset to your team.  There will be many times, such as defending objectives or defensive stands, that carrying a weapon designed to be used in close quarters will not be practical.  These shortfalls can be overcome by using a primary weapon able to run in multiple roles, but they can also be overcome by simply having a backup primary weapon to pull out when needed.


    Class Equipment - Other

    Recon players need equipment to abuse map features and eliminate opponents by starting with the upper hand.  Selecting items that either enhance your ability to move around the map or reduce the opposing team’s ability to do the same is an amazing way to lock down key points and ruin the opponent's front-line support.  Although do not forget that you are pushing into or past your frontline and will often be on the opponent's territory and will need to win surprise gunfights or escape from collapsing situations using the equipment.

    Mines/Explosives: High-damage, place and forget style equipment (like claymores and mines) are excellent choices as they allow supportive damage against opposing teams and allow defensive moves like denying a hallway push for a few seconds so you can escape your compromised location. Traps and tripwires can also wreak havoc on an opposing team when they are placed in key points and can be effective at both discovering enemy movements and thinning out their ability to team fight. More ambush-focused explosives, like remotely used C4, can set up a Recon player for an instant team fight win if used correctly, and thankfully Recon players are often in control of when they are used.

    Escape & Disorienting Grenades: Smoke and other grenades used to help a player escape or cover their movements are great for Recon players that need to rapidly move around and can quickly become overwhelmed in numbers.  Disorientating style grenades can also be a highly effective support weapon as they are great at giving you an advantage in a team fight when a key flank works out.


    Class Use - Communication

    Recon players are great at locating opponents and will often see events or power plays happening before they are even set into motion.  However, it can be easily stated that using other teammates' communication is more important, and being able to process callouts to position yourself properly for a counterplay or aggressive push is a major key to success.  Working with your team is both a great strategy to prevent your team from walking into a poor situation and also a great strategy to prevent yourself from casually walking onto the other team.


    Class Use - Close Quarters

    Recon should be excelling at close quarters, but always be wary of players using extremely high DPS zero-range weapons. While an SMG will give a Recon player the advantage over most other player types in this range, it will do little to help prevent getting melted instantly when you push too hard. The key to this range is being aggressive enough to get into a power position and start the engagement on your terms, but also be conservative enough to not over-push or chase other players to a situation that is simply unwinnable for you. Of course, if you are using a long-ranged Recon build, then utilizing your stealth and map abilities to simply avoid close-quarters engagement is often best.


    Class Use - Medium Range

    Medium range can be very hit or miss for Recon players and is generally a miss for most.  This range often places them at a disadvantage for gunfights simply due to weapon selection and also limits escape and evasion abilities.  It is often best to use your speed and stealth to get out of this range and enter a more preferred area, but don't be overconfident about tricking other players this close and actively engaged on what is happening.  Equipment can be a huge asset here as popping a smoke grenade to escape can be a literal lifesaver.


    Class Use - Long Range

    Long-range should be an excellent range for all Recon players as they are either equipped with a long-range weapon and hidden away or can use their stealth to simply avoid other long ranged players and close in for easy elimination. The tactics used at this range vary greatly at this range due to the individual's setup and goals, but the keynote is that Recon players should not be getting eliminated at this range.

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