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    Class Stats
    Offense: 10
    Defense: 1
    Speed: 5
    Objective: 2
    Teamwork: 2
    Solo: 8
    Versatility: 2

    Playstyle: Ranged
    Focus: Marksmanship & Support

    Class Description

    Snipers are skilled marksmen who excel at long-range combat and precision shooting. They prefer to maintain a strategic distance from their targets, using high-powered rifles equipped with powerful scopes to eliminate enemies with lethal accuracy. Snipers rely on stealth and patience, carefully selecting their vantage points and patiently waiting for the perfect moment to take the shot. Their aim is to inflict devastating damage from a concealed position, providing valuable intelligence to their team and disrupting enemy movements. Playing as a sniper requires a steady hand, keen observation skills, and the ability to anticipate and adjust for factors such as bullet drop and wind direction. Mastering the art of sniping demands a blend of tactical positioning, precise timing, and calculated decision-making to become an elusive and formidable force on the battlefield.


     Class Equipment - Weapons

    Snipers wield a variety of specialized weapons designed for long-range engagements and precision shooting. They rely on high-powered rifles equipped with powerful scopes to deliver devastating shots from a distance. Bolt-action rifles are a popular choice for snipers, providing exceptional accuracy and damage, albeit with a slower rate of fire. Semi-automatic sniper rifles offer a balance between precision and rapid follow-up shots, allowing for the efficient elimination of multiple targets. Some snipers may opt for specialized sniper variants of assault rifles or designated marksman rifles, offering versatility in medium to long-range combat scenarios. Accessories such as suppressors, bipods, and adjustable scopes further enhance their effectiveness. Additionally, snipers often carry a secondary weapon, such as a pistol or submachine gun, for close-quarters encounters or self-defense. Successful snipers carefully choose their weapons based on factors like range, damage, handling, and personal preference, maximizing their lethality and adaptability on the battlefield.

    Primary Suggestions

    Sniper Rifles: These weapons are purpose-built for long-range engagements, offering unparalleled accuracy and damage at extended distances. Their high-powered rounds and specialized scopes allow snipers to eliminate targets with lethal precision, even from great distances. Additionally, sniper rifles are typically equipped with powerful scopes that provide magnification and enhanced visibility. This allows snipers to scout the environment, identify enemy positions, and provide valuable intelligence to their team. The ability to gather information and eliminate key targets from afar makes snipers invaluable assets in team-based gameplay.

    Battle Rifles: Often considered to be assault rifles or “marksman rifles”, we prefer to separate semi-automatic, high-damage assault rifles as "battle rifles".  Battle rifles possess greater flexibility compared to traditional sniper rifles. They excel at medium to long-range engagements, allowing snipers to adapt to various situations on the battlefield. With semi-automatic or burst-fire capabilities, battle rifles offer a higher rate of fire compared to bolt-action sniper rifles, enabling snipers to engage multiple targets quickly and efficiently.

    Assault Rifles: Assault rifles typically offer greater mobility compared to sniper rifles, enabling snipers to navigate the battlefield more effectively. The ability to swiftly transition between positions, adapt to changing circumstances, and support teammates in close-quarter encounters makes assault rifles valuable tools for snipers who desire versatility and adaptability.  However, long-range abilities often begin to suffer when using assault rifles and players need to ensure they are not simply falling into the role of Heavy Infantry, but with all the wrong equipment.

    Secondary Suggestions

    Pistols: Pistols are compact and lightweight, and allow for quick and accurate close-quarter engagements. They serve as reliable backup weapons when enemies breach the sniper's position or during situations that require rapid target acquisition and fast response times.

    Submachine Guns (SMG): SMGs excel in close-quarters combat, providing a higher rate of fire and better handling compared to pistols. They offer increased firepower and can be effective when transitioning from long-range sniping to engaging enemies in tight spaces or urban environments.


     Class Equipment - Other

    Recon players need equipment to abuse map features and eliminate opponents by starting with the upper hand.  Selecting items that either enhance your ability to move around the map or reduce the opposing team’s ability to do the same is an amazing way to lock down key points and ruin the opponent's front-line support.  Although do not forget that you are pushing into or past your frontline and will often be on the opponent's territory and will need to win surprise gunfights or escape from collapsing situations using the equipment.

    Mines/Explosives: High-damage, place-and-forget style equipment (like claymores and mines) are excellent choices as they allow supportive damage against opposing teams and allow defensive moves like denying a hallway push for a few seconds so you can escape your compromised location. Traps and tripwires can also wreak havoc on an opposing team when they are placed in key points and can be effective at both discovering enemy movements and thinning out their ability to team flank.

    Escape & Disorienting Grenades: Smoke and other grenades used to help a player escape or cover their movements are great for Sniper players that need to rapidly move around and can quickly become overwhelmed in numbers.  Disorientating style grenades can also be a highly effective support weapon as they are great at giving you an advantage in a situation that often greatly favors the other player.


    Class Use - Communication

    Snipers often act as the eyes and ears of the team, providing critical information about enemy positions, movements, and potential threats. Their long-range scopes allow them to scout the battlefield, identify high-value targets, and relay valuable intelligence to their teammates. They also excel at coordinating attacks and taking out key targets with precision. By communicating their observations and suggested strategies, they can guide their team to strategically eliminate threats or create openings for advancing teammates. Their ability to provide real-time information allows for coordinated assaults and effective teamwork.


    Class Use - Close Quarters

    Surviving close-quarters combat as a video game sniper can be challenging, but there are strategies you can employ to increase your chances of success. One crucial aspect is to stay mobile, avoiding staying in one spot for too long and constantly repositioning yourself to maintain a tactical advantage. Additionally, it's important to have a reliable secondary weapon suitable for short-range combat, such as a pistol, shotgun, or submachine gun, to quickly switch to when enemies get too close for sniper rifle effectiveness. Tactical gadgets like flashbangs and smoke grenades can disorient opponents and create opportunities for repositioning or taking them down. Situational awareness is paramount, keeping an eye on corners, doorways, and potential flanking routes while listening for audio cues. Mastering quick scoping techniques, utilizing melee attacks when in extremely close quarters, seeking cover, and using elevation can all contribute to your survivability.


    Class Use - Medium Range

    To excel in this range, it's important to choose the right position that offers a wide field of view and good visibility. Look for elevated areas or cover that provides a clear line of sight to medium-range engagement zones. Maintaining stealth and concealment is crucial to avoid attracting attention. Use the environment to your advantage, staying hidden and minimizing unnecessary movement. Control the engagement range by utilizing your sniper rifle's accuracy and range. Keep a distance from your targets to minimize the risk of being outgunned in close quarters. Aim for headshots to quickly and efficiently eliminate enemies, maximizing your effectiveness. Utilize spotting tools or abilities to mark enemies for your team, contributing to overall situational awareness. Be mindful of reloads and seek cover while reloading to minimize vulnerability. Effective communication and coordination with your team are key to success.


    Class Use - Long Range

    Engaging in long-range combat as a sniper requires precision, patience, and strategic thinking. To excel in this playstyle, start by finding the perfect position that offers a clear line of sight to your targets, preferably from elevated areas with good cover. Utilize the range and accuracy of your sniper rifle, adjusting for bullet drop and travel time to land accurate shots on distant targets. Prioritize high-value targets such as enemy snipers or key players to disrupt enemy strategies. Maintain stealth and concealment by keeping a low profile and utilizing natural cover. Effective communication with your team is crucial, as you relay enemy positions, provide updates, and coordinate tactics. Be patient and observant, and wait for the perfect moment to strike. Adapt to the battlefield dynamics, adjusting your position and tactics when needed. Practice and refine your aim to consistently hit distant targets.

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