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    Destiny 2 Heavy Infantry

    Solar Healing Warlock

    This build is designed to support your team with robust healing capabilities and even provide damage boosts, making it versatile for various Destiny 2 activities.

    Build Overview

    The Solar Healing Warlock build in Destiny 2 harnesses the power of healing and support to bolster team performance, particularly in larger team settings. At its core, the build utilizes Healing Rifts and Healing Grenades for basic team healing. The addition of Boots of the Assembler elevates this by sending Noble Seekers to actively heal or boost damage for fireteam members, expanding the Warlock's healing reach. Complementing this is the Lumina Hand Cannon, which allows shooting healing and damage-boosting rounds at allies. This combination of abilities and gear makes the Solar Healing Warlock a vital component in challenging content, offering substantial healing and support to ensure team success.

    Note: Boots of the Assembler only target fireteam members. This means that your seekers will not target public players in the open world or public events.  It will target your matchmade or created fireteam members.

    Subclass and Abilities

    well_of_radiance.png.2b8d9ae3bec89921de09fab9ce2bec29.pngSubclass: Dawnblade (Warlock's Solar Subclass)

    • Super Ability: Well of Radiance
    • Class Ability: Healing Rift (Empowering Rift as an alternative)
    • Movement Ability: Personal Preference
    • Melee Ability: Personal Preference
    • Grenade Ability: Healing Grenade (optimal for healing); Solar, Firebolt, and Fusion Grenades are viable for added DPS and ability regeneration and also pair with Touch of Flame.


    Heat Rises Touch of Flame

    • Heat Rises: Converts grenade energy into a burst of healing.
    • Touch of Flame: Enhances some grenade types (including Healing), synergizing well with Heat Rises for consuming the healing grenade.


    Ember of Benevolence Ember of Singeing Ember of Char Ember of Torches Ember of Wonder

    • Ember of Benevolence: Accelerates ability regeneration when healing or boosting allies.
    • Ember of Singeing: Recharges your rift by scorching targets.
    • Ember of Char: Spreads scorch, complementing Singeing.
    • Ember of Torches: Radiant boosts to allies through melee ability use. Will cancel out with Lumina's damage boost.
    • Ember of Wonder: A good alternative for Lumina users, offering ability regen from Orbs.

    Exotic Armor Choices

    Boots of the Assembler

    • Boots of the Assembler: Enhances rifts with Noble Seekers for extended healing or damage boosting. Ideal for players who prefer to heal from a distance.

    Weapon Choices

    Lumina Edge of Intent MIDA Multi-Tool

    • Lumina: Enhances healing capabilities with Noble Rounds, suitable for a supportive playstyle.
    • Edge of Intent: A Glaive providing a healing turret, though it requires careful energy management.
    • MIDA Multi-Tool: While not directly affecting healing, this scout rifle provides support players with radar while ADS, which can be significant for situational awareness and callouts.

    Stat Priorities

    • Primary Goal: Maximize Recovery for consistent healing and ability uptime, since you cannot support if downed.
    • Secondary Goals: High Resilience for survivability and Discipline for grenade recharge.
    • Consideration: While some may opt to deprioritize Recovery due to the build's inherent healing abilities, it's recommended to test this approach before fully committing.

    Playstyle and Strategy

    • Maintain a rearward position, ensuring your Noble Seekers can effectively reach teammates.
    • Focus on staying alive; your healing and boosting abilities are crucial for team support.
    • Be adaptable in your approach, balancing between healing and DPS as the team's needs shift.

    Alternatives and Variations

    • Grenade Focus: Use Verity's Brow for enhanced grenade support.
    • Adapt to Team Needs: Modify grenade types and strategies based on team composition and requirements.

    The Solar Healing Warlock is a formidable support build, particularly effective in larger team settings. Its adaptability can be a game-changer, though it may face challenges in smaller groups or with less coordinated teams. Flexibility in gear and ability choices is key to maximizing the build's potential and enjoying the gameplay.

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