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    Destiny 2 Heavy Infantry

    Stasis Turret Warlock

    Unleash the power of crowd control with the Stasis Turret Warlock build, designed to freeze and dominate the battlefield in Destiny 2. This build offers exceptional team support through the strategic freezing of enemies, including champions.

    Build Overview

    The Stasis Turret Warlock thrives in team combat, excelling in crowd control by freezing enemies across the map. It's not focused on raw DPS or high survivability; instead, it utilizes stasis turrets for control and indirect damage. Osmiomancy Gloves are a key component at higher levels for maximizing this build's effectiveness.

    Subclass and Abilities

    Subclass: Stasis SubclassWinter’s Wrath

    • Super Ability: Winter’s Wrath
    • Class Ability: Healing Rift or Empowering Rift
    • Movement Ability: Personal Preference
    • Melee Ability: Personal Preference
    • Grenade Ability: Coldsnap Grenade (enhanced with Osmiomancy Gloves for dual usage and turret creation)


    Bleak Watcher Iceflare Bolts

    • Bleak Watcher: Enables the creation of stasis turrets for area control.
    • Iceflare Bolts: Adds additional freezing effects, augmenting crowd control.


    Whisper of Refraction Whisper of Durance Whisper of Chains Whisper of Torment Whisper of Shards

    • Whisper of Refraction: Boosts ability regeneration upon defeating frozen targets.
    • Whisper of Durance: Extends the duration of applied slows and certain abilities.
    • Whisper of Chains: Offers damage resistance near frozen enemies or friendly crystals.
    • Whisper of Torment: Grenade energy gain upon taking damage.
    • Whisper of Shards: Increased grenade regeneration rate when shattering stasis crystals, a good alternative to Torment when using Headstone.

    Exotic Armor Choices

    Osmiomancy Gloves

    • Osmiomancy Gloves: Enhance Coldsnap grenades with an additional charge and extended range.

    Weapon Choices

    Verglas Curve

    • Preferred Perks: Demolitionist (for grenade energy) and Headstone (for creating more shards).
    • Verglas Curve: An exotic bow with stasis arrows, ideal for extending your control beyond turret range and creating additional freezing crystals.

    Stat Priorities

    • Primary Goal: Maximize Discipline for constant turret uptime.
    • Secondary Goals: Focus on Resilience and Recovery for survivability.
    • Consideration: While turrets handle most combat and it may be tempting to drop survivability, maintaining survivability is crucial as enemies still target the player.

    Playstyle and Strategy

    • Position yourself strategically to maximize turret coverage and control.
    • Prioritize staying alive; your ability to deploy turrets is vital for team success.
    • Be flexible in your role, shifting between support and DPS according to team needs.

    Alternatives and Variations

    Team-Oriented Adjustments: Tailor your grenade choices and overall strategy to complement your team's composition and tactical requirements.


    The Stasis Turret Warlock build offers a unique approach to support in Destiny 2, excelling in crowd control and area denial, particularly in end-game content. While highly effective in coordinated teams, its performance may vary in smaller groups. Adaptability in gear and abilities is key to maximizing the effectiveness of this build.

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