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    Bungie Solves Mysterious YouTube Takedowns for Destiny Videos

    It was recently reported that numerous content creators and even Bungie themselves received copyright takedowns on Destiny 2 related videos.  Bungie now came out and announced that the problem was created by fake accounts posing as Bungie’s intellectual property protection service, CSC.

    Along with this announcement, Bungie has stated that the issue should be resolved for creators and the submitted strikes will all be reversed.  Thankfully, Google (the owner of YouTube) has stated that they are using this to improve the platform’s generally disliked copyrighting system and will focus on trying to prevent fake strikes in the future.

    It is worth noting that CSC, Bungie’s real intellectual property protection service is still up and running as normal.  Bungie advised content creators that actions, such as uploading OST songs, are still subject to copyright and will not be allowed unless done for archival reasons and following their program rules.  Bungie’s official rule for monetizing their material is that at least 20% of the video needs to be player-created content (e.g., player gameplay or commentary).

    A full listing of their findings and links to their full content usage rules can be found on the blog post they provided here: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/51193

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