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    Uncrowned Guard

    The new Apex Legends Character comes with a Sidekick and a Sniper Rifle.

    Apex Legends Season 14 will bring Kings Canyon back with many alterations, and several significant weapon balance adjustments. The new season will be released on Tuesday 9th of August.

    Apex Legends: Hunted is about to drop, and Vantage, the newest Apex Games Legend is leading the season so far. Vantage hails from the icy world of Pagos, and her abilities as a sniper are evident in her three powerful skills - especially her custom sniper rifle Ultimate, which she may use before it is fully charged to snipe at enemies and mark them for increased damage for her team.

    Vantage may end up being a very powerful Apex Legends character if early predictions prove to be correct. Her Spotter's Lens Passive ability provides a wealth of information for both ranked and unranked players, allowing you to zoom in on an enemy and see the color of their Evo Shield, the number of people on their team, and a bullet drop indicator for long-range scopes.

    Vantage's Sniper's Mark Ultimate allows her to use her own custom sniper rifle, which has been modified from an old predecessor of the Sentinel. What's interesting about this Ultimate is that it does not charge up like regular Ultimates. Instead, she can use it at any time, but using it for longer periods of time increases the number of consecutive shots she can make up to five.

    Vantage's Ultimate, in addition to dealing 100 damage to an enemy hit by the first shot, marks them for extra damage from the subsequent shots of Vantage and her teammates for 10 seconds. Every subsequent shot thereafter deals an impressive 50 damage. Any player with decent quickscoping abilities might therefore deal a lot of long-range damage.

    The Apex Games' first ever animal companion, Vantage's bat friend Echo, is part of the Tactical ability Echo Relocation. It seems Vantage had to persuade the game organizers to let Echo enter the Games with her, but they gave in when she said she wouldn't fight without him. Vantage can instantly send Echo to a nearby location, and then she will use her jetpacks to quickly reach Echo's position by using the ability again.

    Vantage's team will have a lot of mobility options after using her jetpack to get close to the enemy. For one thing, she may cancel her jetpack jump early. In addition, she may double-jump prior to landing, just like Octane's Launch Pad. Furthermore, Echo can be sent out without flying to him. It sounds like Echo will be a very powerful companion, particularly because enemies won't be able to harm or kill him to interfere with the ability.


    Image Credit: Apex Legends

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