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    Battlefield 6 Rumors Flood the Internet

    While official details about EA’s Battlefield 6 are extremely limited and mostly non-existent, the past few days have seen numerous “leaks” and rumors flooding reddit and other sources via insiders (or at least people claiming to be insiders). These rumors seem to indicate that Battlefield 6 will not even be called Battlefield 6 and will likely just have the name Battlefield along with a strong focus on a Battle Royale mode.

    The rumors about the Battle Royale mode are all very practical as they state the mode will support up to 128 players while also enabling Battlefield’s destructive environments to separate it from other Battle Royale games. This is certainly a reasonable rumor as it would be highly unlikely that Battlefield would not feature their destructive environment as it is such a focused game feature and marketing value of their Frostbite engine.

    The game will also have its normal core gameplay modes although previous rumors have stated that Dice, the developer of the game, is aiming to make some changes to the format and create a multiplayer full of game modes featuring very realistic warfare situations. However additional rumors have surfaced that the new battlefield game may allow players to utilize older Battlefield games within their matchmaking and game/map rotations.

    Some rumors have gone as far as saying that the new Battlefield game is not even a standalone game and is more of a service that will focus on bringing all past and future battlefields together. Although most rumors seem to indicate that it will be a full game that also provides features that include other Battlefield games. Not much is known about the campaign or the game setting itself however many have stated that it appears the title will be set in the near future and offer some futuristic weapons and tech for players to use.

    We must emphasize that these are currently all rumors and mostly unsupported leaks. So, some or even all the information may be incorrect or even change before the game is released. On a good note, it does appear that a reveal trailer is well into production (if not completed already) and we may be getting an official announcement as early as May to highlight some of the details of the game.

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