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    Starfield: How To Get Married

    In the vast and awe-inspiring universe of Starfield, where you traverse countless planets and face daunting challenges, you don't have to journey alone. There are companions who can become more than just fellow travelers—they can become your life partners. Here's how you can find someone to explore the cosmos with and get married in Starfield.

    All Marriage Options

    In Starfield, you have four intriguing marriage options, each belonging to Constellation, an organization of like-minded explorers. These companions can accompany you on various adventures, making them more likely to consider a romantic relationship. Here are all four potential partners:


    Andreja is the newest member of Constellation, even newer than you. She's shrouded in mystery initially, but she'll open up if you approach her with care and curiosity. If you want to romance Andreja, you'll need to gently coax her out of her shell and offer to help her escape the life she's running from.


    Barrett is the first member of Constellation you'll encounter in the game. He's been with the organization for a long time and considers his companions as family. Barrett will be the one to recruit you to Constellation's cause. To pursue a romance with Barrett, you'll need to uncover the mystery surrounding his husband's death nearly two decades ago.

    Sam Coe

    Sam Coe is an ex-Freestar Ranger and the grandson of Solomon Coe, the legendary founder of the Freestar Collective. Sam has made his fair share of mistakes, but he's determined to make amends. To win his heart, you'll need to help him reconcile with his ex-partner and the mother of his daughter, Lilian.

    Sarah Morgan

    Sarah Morgan is the leader of Constellation and the second member you'll meet. She's a level-headed and caring individual who's passionate about exploring the universe while ensuring the safety and well-being of her fellow travelers. To romance Sarah, you'll need to help her confront her past and show her the promise of a brighter future.

    How To Get Married

    Marriage in Starfield is a rewarding but challenging endeavor. To wed one of your companions, follow these steps:

    1. Select Your Companion: First, decide which companion you want to pursue a romantic relationship with.
    2. Embark on Adventures: Adventure with your chosen companion extensively until they ask for your help on a specific quest. Completing this quest will deepen your relationship.
    3. Lock In the Relationship: Once the quest is complete, you'll have the opportunity to lock in your romantic relationship.
    4. Continue Adventuring: Keep adventuring with your companion until the option to marry them becomes available. When the moment arrives, simply agree, and you can both become exclusive partners on your cosmic journey.

    Marriage in Starfield is not only a testament to your dedication and commitment but also a way to share the wonders and challenges of the universe with a trusted and beloved companion.

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