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    Starfield: How To Sell Stolen Spaceships

    If you've embraced the adventurous life of piracy in the cosmos of Starfield, you're likely accumulating stolen spaceships from your conquests. However, you don't need to let these vessels gather dust in your hangar. This guide will show you how to profit from stolen ships, ensuring you maintain a streamlined fleet and a healthy credit balance.

    Selling Registered Spaceships

    In Starfield, you have the option to sell all spaceships except for your home ship and the Frontier, your initial ship. Selling ships provides a quick means of raising funds, allowing you to upgrade to your preferred spacecraft or dispose of outdated vessels. To sell a registered spaceship, follow these steps:

    1. Locate a Ship Services Technician: You can typically find them at major spaceports and hubs.
    2. Speak with the Technician: Initiate a conversation and select the option to view their inventory.
    3. Select the Ship: From the inventory menu, choose the spaceship you wish to sell.
    4. Execute the Sale: At the bottom right of the menu, locate the "Sell" option and select it.
    5. Confirmation: Confirm your decision to sell the ship, and the transaction will be completed.

    Selling Stolen Spaceships

    When dealing with stolen spaceships, an additional step is required before selling them. You must first register the stolen ship with a Ship Services Technician, and this registration typically comes at a cost, approximately 90% of the ship's actual value. After successful registration, you can proceed to sell the stolen ship at a profit. Here's how to sell a stolen spaceship:

    1. Consult the Technician: Speak to a Ship Services Technician and select the option to view their inventory.
    2. Locate the Stolen Ship: Cycle through your available spaceships until you find the stolen one you want to sell.
    3. Register the Stolen Ship: Pay the required fee to register the stolen spaceship. This legitimizes your ownership.
    4. Initiate the Sale: Once the ship is successfully registered, choose the option to sell it.

    It's important to note that selling stolen spaceships won't yield a higher price compared to selling registered ones. However, it's a crucial strategy to avoid stockpiling ships and to maintain a streamlined fleet, ensuring you have the necessary credits to continue your adventures in the captivating universe of Starfield.

    Changing Your Home Ship

    If you've designated the spaceship as your home ship, you won't be able to sell it until you change your home ship designation. Follow these steps:

    1. Interact with the Ship Services Technician again.
    2. Select the option to view and modify your ships.
    3. Choose another ship that you want to set as your home ship.
    4. Select the "Make Home Ship" option.

    Now, you're ready to sell the spaceship and turn it into additional funds for your spacefaring endeavors.

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