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    Starfield: Quantum Essence

    In Starfield's vast universe, players encounter many items, some of which may initially appear mysterious or overlooked. Quantum Essence is one such unique aid item, often obtained by defeating Starborn enemies. This guide unravels the secrets of Quantum Essence, explaining its function and significance within the game.

    Understanding Quantum Essence

    Quantum Essence is a consumable recovery item with a remarkable ability: it significantly accelerates the restoration of your Power for a duration of 60 seconds. This boost allows you to utilize your Starborn abilities much faster than usual, unleashing a barrage of powerful actions during the Essence's effect. It can turn the tide in your favor during intense battles and confrontations.

    However, Quantum Essence doesn't reside in your standard inventory. Instead, you can access it via the Power menu, which becomes available after completing specific main story missions. To locate your Quantum Essence inventory and utilize this resource, follow these steps:

    1. Access the Power Menu: After unlocking the Power menu, navigate to it. You'll find it on your in-game interface.
    2. Locate Quantum Essence: In the Power menu, your Quantum Essence inventory is positioned on the bottom left side of the screen. Here, you can check how many Quantum Essences you have and activate them when needed.

    When Quantum Essence is active, your character will emanate a radiant golden aura, enveloping your screen in first-person or surrounding your entire character in third-person view.

    Where To Find Quantum Essence

    Quantum Essence is primarily acquired by defeating Starborn enemies. When you defeat a Starborn opponent, they vanish in a radiant white light and cannot be looted in the traditional sense. However, they leave behind a single Quantum Essence, which is automatically added to your inventory.

    Starborn enemies are often encountered after completing a temple, with one Starborn assailant typically confronting you upon your teleportation outside the temple following the acquisition of its Power. These enemies may also appear during the pursuit of later artifact pieces. However, as you progress further in the main story, Starborn enemies will actively seek you out. This presents an opportunity to farm Quantum Essence, as their pursuit diminishes as you advance through the narrative.

    By constructing the Armillary on your ship, Starborn enemies will occasionally seek you out for a confrontation, offering a consistent source of Quantum Essence. This ensures a steady supply of this valuable resource at random intervals.

    While there is a finite number of story-based Starborn to engage and collect Essence from, the arrival of randomly occurring Starborn encounters becomes increasingly crucial for sustaining your Quantum Essence stockpile.

    Mastering the use of Quantum Essence and harnessing the power of your Starborn abilities can significantly enhance your capabilities and survival in the captivating universe of Starfield.

    What Are Powers

    Powers in Starfield are unique abilities available to Starborn characters, allowing them to manipulate and alter space around them. These extraordinary abilities encompass a range of effects, like creating zero-gravity fields that leave your adversaries suspended while you assail them.

    Powers are unlocked through the completion of temples, and they naturally regenerate over time, permitting you to use them frequently with brief cooldown periods. Regardless of the specific power you have equipped, the regeneration rate remains consistent—both with and without the effects of Quantum Essence.

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