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    Starfield: How To Repair Your Ship and Find Ship Parts

    In the vast expanse of Starfield, your spaceship is your trusty companion, essential for planetary exploration and spacefaring adventures. However, the darkness of space can be treacherous, and encounters with hostile NPCs may leave your ship damaged. This guide provides a step-by-step explanation of how to repair your ship in Starfield and where to find Ship Parts to keep your vessel in prime condition.

    Repairing Your Starfield Ship

    Repairing your ship in Starfield is crucial for maintaining your spacefaring capabilities. To restore your ship's health, you have two options:

    Visit a Ship Services Technician: In the game's major cities, you can locate a Ship Services Technician who specializes in ship repairs. For a fee of 1000 credits, they will fully restore your ship's health, ensuring it's in optimal condition for your next adventure.

    Repair During Combat: If you possess the necessary Ship Parts, you can perform in-combat repairs. When your ship sustains damage during a dogfight or hostile encounter, a prompt will appear under your ship's health on the HUD, indicating the button to press for repairs. By using Ship Parts, you can quickly mend your ship while in the heat of battle.

    Acquiring Ship Parts in Starfield

    Ship Parts are essential components for repairing your ship, and you can obtain them through various means:

    Visit a Vendor: In one of the major cities within Starfield, you'll find vendors who sell Ship Parts. These vendors often carry a selection of Ship Parts for purchase.

    Salvage Destroyed Ships: As you explore the cosmos, you may come across destroyed ships. Salvaging these wrecks can yield Ship Parts as loot, providing you with valuable resources for repairs.

    Aid Ships Under Attack: When you encounter ships under attack by hostile forces, lending a hand and successfully defending them can result in Ship Parts as a reward. Be a savior in the void, and you'll be rewarded accordingly.

    For a convenient and reliable source of Ship Parts, consider visiting the vendor located in the UC Distribution Center in the commercial district of New Atlantis, one of the major cities in Starfield.

    Once you acquire Ship Parts, store them in your ship's cargo hold. This inventory of parts will enable you to perform in-combat repairs while cruising through space. If you ever find yourself running low on Ship Parts and in need of urgent repairs, you can always rely on the Ship Services Technician in any major city, who will fully restore your ship's health for a fee of 1000 credits.

    With these repair strategies and a steady supply of Ship Parts, you can ensure your ship remains in top-notch condition, ready to face any challenges the cosmos of Starfield throws your way.

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